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Tourism Sorting by the latest release time

  • Xinhua Headlines: Visa-friendly countries witness surge of holiday travelers from China

    Experts believe that China's ongoing tourism trend might indicate a profitable outlook for local and global tourism.


  • Croatian mayor welcomes Chinese tourists for Easter eggs exhibition

    Misel Jaksic, mayor of Koprivnica in northern Croatia, voiced his welcome to Chinese tourists as the annual traditional outdoor Easter eggs exhibition is underway in the city.


  • Ethnic tourism invigorates northeast China border region

    Yanbian, the only autonomous prefecture of China's Korean ethnic group, has witnessed an influx of tourists visiting its unique ethnic cultural experiences this winter.


  • Airport in Xinjiang's Urumqi emerges as China's busiest single-runway airport

    Urumqi Diwopu International Airport in the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region handled over 25 million passenger trips in 2023, making it the busiest single-runway airport in China, local authorities said Wednesday.


  • Economic Watch: Digitalization breathes new life into China's cultural, tourism industries

    A captivating 14-second jump-cut video showing an actress seamlessly changing into various roles from traditional Chinese opera has rapidly gained online attention.


  • Shanghai hosts tourism festival to boost consumption

    The 34th Shanghai Tourism Festival opened Saturday and will last until Oct. 6, aiming to boost cultural and tourism consumption.


  • 2023 Beijing Inbound Tourism Survey

    ​With the rebound of global tourism, inbound tourism begins to show signs of recovery as well.


  • Tourism ignites summer economy amid high temperatures

    As many cities in China are hit by high temperatures this summer, escaping the summer heat by travelling to cities blessed with abundant summer tourism resources has become an increasingly popular choice among Chinese travellers.


  • China expects travel spree during May Day holiday

    China is poised to see a boom in travel demand during the upcoming May Day holiday, as the world's second-largest economy regains vitality following a shift in COVID-19 response.


  • Shanghai reveals 108-bln-yuan investment in 28 culture, tourism projects

    Shanghai authorities announced 28 culture and tourism projects on Tuesday with a total investment of 108 billion yuan (about 15.7 billion U.S. dollars).


  • A dynamic approach boosts tourism of coastal city in Hainan

    Imagine a place where you can ride a motorboat in the blue sea, sip coffee while reading in a seaside bookstore, enjoy a candlelight dinner or simply unwind with some self-brewed tea on the beach under the starry night sky.


  • Across China: Vibrant tourism rebounds in Gansu's Tibetan county

    Xu Liang, a tourist from Beijing, nestled amidst the throng of elegantly attired Tibetan people, as he was completely lost in the fervent rhythm of a religious dance performed by lamas at Labrang Monastery in Xiahe County of northwest China's Gansu Province.


  • Scenic spots in China's Hubei see business activity match 2019

    During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, 120 A-level scenic spots in central China's Hubei Province saw tourist volume and revenue return to the level in 2019, with 64 hitting a record high, local authorities said on Monday.


  • Across China: Ice and snow warm up winter tourism in northeast China

    Seeing an increasing number of people visiting the Polarpark since it started operating around a week ago in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Zhang Jiwei, the park's marketing manager, is becoming more confident about the park's performance this winter.


  • Across China: Camping becomes burgeoning trend in China's holiday tourism market

    During the recently concluded May Day holiday that ran from April 30 to May 4, tents of different colors and shapes were ubiquitous on the beach of Binhai Park in Rongcheng, a coastal city in east China's Shandong Province, creating an appealing spectacle.


  • Xinjiang sees more short-distance tours during long holiday

    More residents turned to short-distance and urban tours in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region during the six-day Labor Day and Eid al-Fitr holiday.


  • China ice and snow tourism dev't index launched in Beijing

    China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Index for 2020 reflecting the development of the country's ice and snow tourism industry was officially launched at the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 in Beijing on Sunday.


  • Chinese tourists spend more than 2.3 bln USD in Philippines in 2019

    Chinese tourists spent a total of 2,330,491,557.70 U.S. dollars as they visited the Philippines in 2019, the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) said on Monday.


  • Brunei to launch Brunei-China Year of Tourism 2020

    Brunei and China will launch a joint tourism year initiative to mark the start of a one-year event in tourism cooperation, Brunei's Tourism Development Department at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism announced on Tuesday.


  • NE China port sees record-high cross-border tourists

    The port city of Heihe in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province had received over 1 million cross-border tourists in 2019 as of Friday, according to local authorities.


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