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Spring Festival Sorting by the latest release time

  • China sees record-breaking air trips during Spring Festival travel rush

    China's air passenger trips reached 83.45 million during the Spring Festival 40-day travel rush, also known as "chunyun", that ran from Jan. 26 to March 5 this year, official data showed Wednesday.


  • China expects 8.4 bln passenger trips made during Spring Festival travel rush

    As the Spring Festival travel rush comes to an end, it is expected that more than 8.4 billion interregional trips have been made in China during the period, data from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) showed on Tuesday.


  • China sees over 7.2 bln inter-regional trips in Spring Festival rush

    More than 7.2 billion inter-regional trips were made in China from Jan. 26 to Feb. 27, the first 33 days of the Spring Festival travel rush, official data shows.


  • China's car rental market posts robust performance during Spring Festival holiday

    China's car rental market saw stellar performance during this year's Spring Festival holiday, with self-driving emerging as one of the mainstream travel choices.


  • Tourism boom continues in China's "ice city" Harbin during Spring Festival holiday

    Harbin, capital city of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, has reported both record visitor numbers and tourism revenue during the eight-day Spring Festival holiday.


  • Feature: Myanmar embraces Dragon Year Spring Festival celebration

    Amidst a burst of color and cultural exchange, Myanmar's local residents and overseas Chinese in the Southeast Asian country welcomed the auspicious Dragon Year Spring Festival with open arms.


  • Spring Festival offers window on China's economic vibrancy: FM spokesperson

    A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Monday said the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon offers the world a window on China's economic vibrancy, during which China sees its inbound and outbound travels soar, with more Chinese tourists going abroad and more foreign travelers visiting China.


  • Chinese Numbers: China kicks off Year of the Loong with robust Spring Festival holiday statistics

    China embraced the Year of the Loong with vibrant travel and entertainment activities during the recent Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, holiday.


  • Xinhua Commentary: Spring Festival spending highlights momentum of China's economy

    China's eight-day Spring Festival holiday for the Year of the Dragon witnessed a booming consumer market, highlighting the vitality and momentum of the Chinese economy.


  • Xinhua Headlines: China cashes in on vibrant Spring Festival holiday spending

    China's Spring Festival holiday has ignited a new round of consumption boom, further unleashing consumer spending potential amid fresh styles for people to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


  • China's resort island reports surging duty-free sales during Spring Festival

    South China's island province of Hainan reported a total of 2.49 billion yuan (about 346.1 million U.S. dollars) of offshore duty-free sales during the eight-day Spring Festival holiday, a year-on-year increase of nearly 60 percent, said Haikou Customs.


  • Over 1 bln parcels collected during Spring Festival holiday

    China's express delivery industry collected nearly 1.08 billion parcels during this year's 8-day-long Spring Festival holiday, with the average daily collection volume soaring by 145.2 percent compared to the same holiday period last year.


  • E. China's coastal city celebrates lunar new year with cultural activities

    During this Spring Festival season, scenic spots in Rizhao City of east China's Shandong Province have launched a series of themed cultural activities featuring the Year of the Dragon, according to a representative with a cultural tourism company in the city.


  • Belgrade embraces Chinese culture ahead of Spring Festival

    In the lead-up to the Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, the Serbian capital of Belgrade on Wednesday evening enjoyed a sophisticated display of intangible cultural heritage from southeast China's Quanzhou.


  • Vietnamese student lends a helping hand ahead of Spring Festival in China

    Join the journey of Nguyen Ihuy Quynh, a Vietnamese university student in Guilin, south China, as she embraces the joy of helping her fellow foreign travelers at the station. Discover why she has grown to be fond of Guangxi's high-speed railway.


  • Celebrations held Barcelona to welcome Chinese new year, boost cultural exchange

    Barcelona, a city in northeast Spain, was engulfed in festive ambiance last Saturday as thousands of people thronged to enjoy various celebrations held to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year.


  • Feature: Year of Dragon celebrated with cultural activities in Myanmar

    The China Cultural Center in Myanmar's commercial hub Yangon, adorned with vibrant red cultural decorations, bustled on Sunday with visitors enjoying the Year of Dragon Spring Festival.


  • Italian chef in China creates fusion dishes for Spring Festival

    As the Spring Festival approaches, an Italian chef who runs a dessert shop in China's Chongqing has prepared special New Year dishes that combine Italian cuisine with Chongqing culinary and cultural traditions.


  • 34th Phoenix Chinese Week Culture and Cuisine Festival held in Arizona

    Phoenix Chinese Week continually strives to provide quality opportunities for cultural awareness, education, and exchange.


  • French chef tastes spring pancakes on "Beginning of Spring" in NE China

    "It's quite fascinating because you can choose from a wide variety of ingredients and make your own pancakes." A French chef came to China's Changchun to spring pancakes on the day of "Lichun," or the beginning of spring.


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