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  • Shanghai's regulations on promoting new-energy vehicles take effect

    Shanghai's new regulations on encouraging citizens to purchase and use new-energy vehicles (NEVs) took effect on Monday.


  • E. China's Shanghai unveils plan for NEV industry development in 2021-2025

    East China's Shanghai Municipality on Thursday unveiled a plan for development of the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry in the period from 2021 to 2025, the Shanghai Securities News reported on Thursday.


  • Shanghai posts positive economic growth despite epidemic

    Shanghai remained economically resilient and robust last year despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, a local official said Wednesday.


  • Shanghai advances urban digital transformation in full swing

    Shanghai is advancing urban digital transformation in full swing, which is likely to forge a new advantage for the future development of the city, according to Wu Qing, vice mayor of Shanghai spoke at the opening ceremony of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2021 on February 23.


  • "Stay-put" Spring Festival drives consumption in Shanghai

    Retailers and restaurants in Shanghai saw surging sales during the Spring Festival holiday as many people stayed put to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Shanghai sees consumption boom during Spring Festival holiday

    Shanghai saw a consumption boom during the week-long Spring Festival holiday, with major retailers doubling their sales over the same period last year as the holiday ended on Wednesday.


  • Shanghai pledges to create better business environment for foreign investors

    Shanghai has recently unveiled the fourth version of its plan to create better business environment, with 207 tasks outlined, according to Gong Zheng, the city's major, at a press conference on Wednesday.


  • Shanghai pledges to further boost NEV industry dev. in 2021-2025

    Shanghai pledged to boost the development of new energy vehicle (NEV) industry during 2021-2025 period, according to the new action plan which is pending to be published, reported the Xinhua-run Wednesday.


  • Shanghai foreign trade hits record high, up 2.3 pct on year in 2020

    Foreign trade of Shanghai rose 2.3 percent on year to a record high of 3.48 trillion yuan in 2020, according to data from Shanghai Customs.


  • Shanghai to build 8,000 5G base stations in 2021

    Shanghai will build 8,000 5G outdoor base stations in 2021 as part of efforts to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure in the digital era, local authorities said Sunday.


  • ​Roundup: Shanghai sails towards global shipping hub to serve new dev. pattern and enhance global influence

    With Shanghai speeding up pace of constructing a global shipping hub through strengthening the capability of mobilizing global resources to serve the establishment of the new development pattern and enhance global influence, here are its major developments in 2020 as summarized by China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency.


  • 64 projects with inv't of RMB273.4 bln start construction in E. China's Shanghai

    Construction on 64 major projects with a total investment of 273.4 billion yuan kicked off on Monday in east China's Shanghai, reported Shanghai Securities News Tuesday.


  • 2020 Global Fashion Industry Index - Fashion Week Vitality Index Report unveiled in Shanghai

    The 2020 Global Fashion Industry Index - Fashion Week Vitality Index Report was unveiled Wednesday by China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency in east China's Shanghai.


  • Beijing-Shanghai high-speed trains introduce flexible pricing

    Starting Wednesday, high-speed trains running between Beijing and Shanghai with a speed range from 300 kph to 350 kph will have flexible ticket prices.


  • Across China: 5G technology powers urban safety in Shanghai

    As the sky began to clear up, a drone connected to the city's pilot 5G network circled around the Jingtai Building in Hongkou District of Shanghai for a quick screening.


  • Jing'an -- Shanghai Services

    Jing'an has a complete range of professional service, covering multiple fields, such as accounting, advertising, law, human resources, test and inspection, and health care. Jing'an keeps promoting the global service provider program to form a cluster of high-end service enterprises with international resource allocation capacity and global influence.The Helper Self-service Station in office buildings has realized no in-person visit for business handling to energize the "vertical communities". The Lunch Service for White-collar Workers allows them to enjoy affordable tasty food in Jing'an, brin


  • Jingan- Shanghai Shopping

    Jing'an encourages the first-entry stores, flagship stores, and experience stores of all types to settle in the district. The West Nanjing Road business area is an important carrier for the promotion of Shanghai Shopping in Jing'an. It is designed to be a global platform for launching the latest and most trendy fashion products, integrating fashion release, art exhibition, and creative experience. Jing'an encourages the differentiated and characteristic development of the back streets of West Nanjing Road, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the Greater Zhang Yuan Block. A new landma


  • Jingan-Shanghai Culture

    With "the most international and the most Shanghai" as its development feature, Jing'an is building itself into an important cultural district that promotes revolutionary culture, Shanghai-style culture, and Jiangnan culture. Jing'an Temple, Suzhou Creek, Peng Pai's Museum, Former Residence of Liu Changsheng, Site of the Second CPC National Congress, Writers' Bookstore, Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai Natural History Museum, The Paramount, International Film and Television Park Circum-SHU...These places represent the profound cultural heritage of Jing'an. JZ Festival, open-air movies, One Dra


  • Jing'an -- Shanghai Manufacturing

    Jing'an is determined to nurture superior enterprises, develop benchmark projects, build outstanding industrial parks, and construct high-end platforms. It focuses on promoting the construction of new-type infrastructure, developing the integrated innovation of intelligent interaction technologies, developing business model innovation, service innovation and management innovation, improving the abilities of a regional innovation source, and cultivating new drivers of economic development.


  • Century-old fashion street strides ahead towards world-class biz bloc

    The Middle Huaihai Road today is far more than a commercial street after 120 years of development. Rather, it becomes a stage that blends historic and cultural heritage with dynamic, fashionable, professional and high-end trending, said Shanghai deputy mayor Zong Ming.


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