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  • Feature: Brazilian coffee to reach China thanks to Shanghai expo

    Brazil's second-largest coffee producing cooperative will get its first chance to promote products to Chinese consumers, thanks to China's first ever import expo.


  • Feature: A China perceived by Adlai Stevenson III over 40 years of its opening-up

    That is a trip he will never forget. In August 1975, as a member of the U.S. first Congressional delegation to China, Adlai Ewing Stevenson III visited China for the first time.


  • China's reform and opening up efforts highly valued in Britain

    Some of the most renowned British scholars on Thursday spoke highly of China's reform and opening up policy which, initiated 40 years ago, continues to transform the county itself and impact the world at large.


  • Feature: A German city revives through Silk Road initiative

    For decades, the city of Duisburg lying at the heartland of Germany's industrial Ruhr region, had struggled with a depression just like other heavy industry cities around the world that were experiencing a structural transformation.


  • Feature: China-supported polytechnic contributes to technical training in Rwanda

    Located at the foot of the Virunga volcanic mountains, Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Musanze (IPRC Musanze) is playing an important role in training technical persons in Rwanda.


  • Feature: Sports manufacturing legend highlights China's vitality over 40 years of development

    Bian Zhiliang still remembers the drizzly day 40 years ago when he drove a donkey cart along a muddy road to deliver ten judo mats which he had surreptitiously made for a police school.


  • Tunisian's rags-to-riches story symbol of Africa's enrichment from China's reform and opening-up

    Two decades ago, Lotfi Lajmi was a mechanic repairing cars in Tunisia. Today, he is a successful businessman who ventured out as a transporter and then diversified into contracting, advertising and real estate.


  • Feature: Inspired by each other: the China-Europe story since reform and opening-up

    Hanzheng Street has a special place in Bernd Gerich's heart - and the reason for it goes back close to a historic start in China.


  • From pressure to profit -- a Turkish businessman's experience with China's reform, opening-up

    For Turkish businessman Murat Kolbasi, China's reform and opening-up policy has brought not only dramatic changes to China itself, but also a huge profit to foreign companies doing business with China -- just like his.


  • Deng Xiaoping's interpreter, valuable eyewitness to China's four decades of reform and opening-up

    "I'm very fortunate to have been a beneficiary, participant of and witness to China's reform and opening-up policy over the past four decades," said Chen Feng, currently a senior simultaneous interpreter at the United Nations (UN) headquarters.


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