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  • China, Zambia sign 548 mln USD solar power deal

    Zambians on Thursday commended Chinese enterprise, PowerChina and the local power utility firm, Zesco for the signing of a deal that will see the construction of three solar power plants with a total capacity of 600 megawatts (MW) in three districts in Zambia.


  • Chinese firm to construct modern conference center in Zambia

    Zambia has selected China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Corporation Group to construct a state-of-the art multi-facility international conference which will host the African Union (AU) Heads of State Summit in 2022, a government official said on Tuesday.


  • China import expo to strengthen bilateral relations: Zambian expert

    It is important for Zambia to attend the upcoming second China International Import Expo (CIIE) as it does not only enhance business relations but also strengthen bilateral cooperation, an investment advisor said on Thursday.


  • Zambia-China economic cooperation zone continues to attract investment: official

    The Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) has continued to attract investment in its multi-facility zone in the Copperbelt province in Zambia, an indication that China-Zambia relations are being strengthened further by investment from the Asian country, a Zambian official has said.


  • Zambian official hails Chinese support and cooperation

    A senior Zambian government official said on Tuesday that the southern African nation will always remain grateful for the cooperation and support it has received from China over the years.


  • Chinese investors invited for Zambia trade expo

    China has a lot of capacity in terms of investments that are able to come and transform economic sectors in Zambia, a business expert said here on Tuesday.


  • Zambia to benefit from China through enhanced cooperation: expert

    The Zambian government attaches great importance to its bilateral cooperation with China, which will benefit the people of Zambia through improved economic growth, an industry group said on Monday.


  • Chinese firm to commence construction of roads in Zambian town

    China's Avic International will commence construction of township roads in Zambia's Chongwe district in Lusaka Province, a government official said on Tuesday.


  • Zambia describes China-funded village television project as a success

    The Zambian government on Tuesday described a project funded by China to provide satellite television services to remote parts of the country as a success and yielding intended results.


  • Zambian gov't says partnering with China to boost agricultural production

    Chinese investments in Zambia's agricultural sector will enhance technology adoption in the country's farming industry, which will result in higher food productivity, a senior government official has said.


  • Chinese enterprises urged to venture into Zambia gemstone sector

    An industry body on Wednesday urged Chinese enterprises to partner with gemstone miners in Zambia in order to explore the vast potential of the country's gemstone sector.


  • China, Zambian enterprises urged to forge strong partnerships

    Entrepreneurs in China and Zambia should forge strong partnerships that will result in a win-win situation for all parties, an industry body said on Tuesday.


  • Zambian firm starts importing electric cars from China

    A Zambian firm has started importing smart electric vehicles from China, an official said on Sunday.


  • China-funded solar-powered milling plants constructed in Zambia

    About 1,830 solar-powered milling plants have so far been constructed in various parts of Zambia out of the earmarked 2,000, an official said on Thursday.


  • Zambia-China Year, springboard for greater economic opportunities: arts body

    A Zambian arts body has urged entities and individuals involved in arts and theatre in the country to take advantage of the Zambia-China year 2019 so as to gain maximum benefits from the initiative.


  • Construction of China-funded mega dam on course

    Construction works of a dam in Zambia's Masaiti district on the Copperbelt Province funded by the Chinese government was on course, the contractor said on Tuesday.


  • Zambia's manufacturing sector has vast potential for cooperation with China: expert

    There is vast potential in Zambia's manufacturing sector for further cooperation with China, an industry group said on Tuesday.


  • Zambia hails progress in construction of China-funded power plant

    Zambia on Monday hailed the progress made so far in the construction of a China-funded power plant.


  • Chinese construction company hands over mega water dam to Zambia

    China's Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Corporation (AFECC) handed over a mega water dam with a storage capacity of 61 million cubic meters to the Zambian government on Thursday.


  • CRSG branch shows up at Zambia investment expo for project promotion

    China Railway Seventh Group Zambia Limited, an overseas branch of China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd. (CRSG), has recently participated in the Northern Province Tourism and Investment Expo in Zambia.


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