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Beijing Sorting by the latest release time

  • Beijing's foreign trade hits record high in H1

    Beijing's foreign trade hit a record high of 1.42 trillion yuan (219 billion U.S. dollars) in the first half of the year, up 26 percent year on year, the city's customs bureau said on Tuesday.


  • Beijing's GDP rises 13.4 pct in H1

    Beijing's GDP totaled 1.92 trillion yuan (about 297 billion U.S. dollars) in the first half of 2021, up 13.4 percent year on year, local authorities said Monday.


  • Beijing's Olympics competition zone sees improving air quality

    The air quality of Yanqing District in Beijing, one of the competition zones of 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games, ranked first in the city in the first half of this year, authorities said.


  • Beijing to host 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference in October

    The second United Nations (UN) Global Sustainable Transport Conference will take place from October 14 to 16 in Beijing, the organizers announced Friday.


  • China Focus: Beijing accelerates development of service trade, FTZ

    Beijing municipal authorities are accelerating the development of the city's "two zones," introducing a slew of business-friendly policies and continuing the city's opening up to the outside world.


  • Beijing to hand out millions in digital-currency envelopes

    Beijing will hand out 40 million yuan (about 6.27 million U.S. dollars) in digital currency to consumers in the city through a lottery system, the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau announced.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Beijing sees outstanding RMB loans up 10.7pct y-o-y by end-April

    Balances of Renminbi (RMB)-denominated loans of Beijing, the capital of China, expanded 10.7 percent year on year to 8.5 trillion yuan by the end of April, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance citing data from the Operations Office (Beijing) of the Chinese central bank on Tuesday.


  • Beijing promotes 111 key projects with RMB133.4 bln inv't, aiming to boost social investment

    Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform recently promoted 111 projects involving a total investment of 133.4 billion yuan as the first batch of key projects for 2021 to further boost social investment, according to information released by the authority on its official website on Thursday.


  • Beijing's economic-tecnological development area Q1 sees actual FDI use at USD224.72 mln

    Beijing saw 18 foreign-funded enterprise settle in its economic-technological development area, Beijing's high-tech hub, in the first three months of the year, and its actual use of foreign direct investment (FDI) amounted to 224.72 million U.S. dollars in the period, official data showed recently.


  • Beijing sees strong tourism rebound during May Day holiday

    Beijing has seen a robust recovery in tourism as it received more than 8.4 million tourists during the five-day May Day holiday that ended Wednesday, local authorities said.


  • Beijing's foreign trade up 8.7 pct in Q1

    Beijing saw its foreign trade rise 8.7 percent year on year to 677.37 billion yuan (104.45 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quarter of the year, customs data showed on Monday.


  • Beijing's GDP rises 17.1 pct in Q1

    Beijing's GDP totaled 891.6 billion yuan (about 136.7 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quarter of 2021, up 17.1 percent year on year, according to the Beijing Municipal Statistics Bureau on Monday.


  • Beijing company fined for infringing Universal Pictures' copyright

    A Beijing-based media company was fined 250,000 yuan (about 38,325 U.S. dollars) for infringing the copyright of U.S. company Universal Pictures, according to law enforcement in Beijing on Thursday.


  • Beijing maps demo zone for developing intelligent connected vehicles

    The Beijing municipal government has approved the designation of a demonstration zone for boosting the development of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs).


  • ​Beijing launches China's first super-large intelligent model system

    The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), a non-profit research institute based in the Chinese capital city Beijing, recently launched China's first super-large-scale intelligent model system called "Wudao 1.0", reported China Securities News Monday.


  • Countdown to Beijing 2022 | Polish ski jumpers "focus on Beijing," says coach

    The coach of Poland ski jumping team Michal Dolezal said that after 2021 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Germany, "it's time to focus on preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing."


  • Beijing to issue e-vouchers to residents for Spring Festival

    Beijing will issue e-vouchers worth 40 million yuan (about 6.2 million U.S. dollars) to residents who answer the government's call to stay put during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, local authorities said on Tuesday.


  • Beijing sees 1.42 trln yuan of cultural revenue in 2020

    The development of Beijing's cultural industry has maintained a good momentum, with the total revenue of major companies in the sector exceeding 1.42 trillion yuan (about 220 billion U.S. dollars) in 2020.


  • Beijing targets GDP up 6 pct in 2021

    Beijing strives to notch its year-on-year GDP growth to around 6 percent this year, local authorities said on Saturday


  • China considers establishing Beijing Financial Court

    China is looking into establishing the Beijing Financial Court in a bid to improve the country's judicial system for finance-related cases and ensure a sound law environment for relevant sectors.


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