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Haikou Jiangdong New Area
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  • China Focus: Italian companies explore opportunities at China's industry fair

    For many Italian companies, the ongoing China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai is not only the first physical exhibition they have attended since the COVID-19 epidemic but also a great start for expanding the market and gaining recovery momentum under the global economic gloom.


  • China Focus: China offers sliver of hope to hammered global tourism industry

    The fast containment of the COVID-19 epidemic and recovery of the economy in China has offered a glimpse of hope to the global tourism industry that has been hit hard by the raging disease.


  • BRI as "driving force" in the relationships between Italy and China for the next 50 years

    In the visit framework has been announced an important strategic agreement between Snam- owned by Marco Alverà- and China Oil and Gas Piping Network Corporation- newly built company of energy infrastructures.


  • The new Seashore ship has been launched: 4.5 billion worth for the Italian economy

    It is the third (out of four expected by 2023) of Seaside class, the biggest ever built in Italy. The entire fleet will account for 15 billion, equal to 1% of GDP. In addition, 4,000 workplaces are expected.


  • China Liuyang releases investor-inviting cultural tourism program to sharpen city image

    China's fireworks hometown Liuyang, a city located in central China's Hunan province, has recently released an announcement to invite global investors for the Liuyang River cultural tourism program.


  • ​Environmental regulatory perspective - a look over the horizon at global shipping

    Global shipping industry is now looking onward to a new horizon. Continuing in its work to develop policies and practices related to reduction of GHG emissions from ships, and in accordance with IMO Initial GHG Strategy, various new measures are being developed to build on the progress and successes of the existing energy efficiency regulatory framework.


  • A challenging time for marine insurance

    Recent years have been characterised by a run of technical losses where claims costs exceed 60-70 percent of premium and current indicators, including the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, predict no obvious improvement in global marine insurance sector.


  • COVID-19 pandemic only the latest in a decade of challenges faced by shipping industry

    Since the 2008 global financial crisis, shipping has been in turmoil more often than not and shipowners became accustomed to limited access to public debt and equity. As a result, the sell-off in global markets may not have affected shipping companies as deeply as some other industries.


  • Hainan FTP 18 Early Arrangements

    18 early arrangements stipulated in the master plan for Hainan free trade port. Hainan FTP will align itself with high-level global economic and trade rules, and become a flagship of China's opening-up and a key opening door in the new era.


  • 60 key policies in master plan for Hainan FTP

    Chinese authorities on June 1, 2020 released a master plan for the Hainan free trade port (FTP), aiming to build it into a globally influential high-level FTP by the middle of the century.


  • What is China-Thailand Railway under Belt and Road Initiative?

    The China-Thailand railway will be Thailand’s first standard-gauge railway to be jointly built by China and Thailand. Its planned length is 900 kilometers.


  • Hainan free trade port construction to bring various investment opportunities

    Chinese authorities on Monday released a master plan to boost the building of theHainan free trade port, which means a great wave of investment opportunities are on the way.


  • China suspends entry by foreign nationals holding Chinese visas, residence permits

    China Thursday night announced temporary suspension of entry by foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits.


  • China adopts entry management over sailors to prevent imported COVID-19 cases

    China's transport ministry said Monday it will adopt stricter management over sailors on international ships amid the country's battle of preventing imported novel coronavirus disease cases.


  • Beijing Utour signed strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Province

    Beijing Utour International Travel Service Co., Ltd. one of China's top outbound travel agencies, has signed a trategic cooperation agreement with Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province last Friday, according to a report by the Beijing News.


  • The Port of Genoa doubles its investments up to 2 billion euros

    The great program of operations to develop the port of Genoa is going to double. The value of the planned operations raises up from 1 billion to 1.9 billion, as outlined in the agreement between the Management Committee of the Port Authority and the commissioner structure.


  • The Ministry of Public Health researches Andrographis paniculata for COVID-19

    Deputy Director General of Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, the department is researching Thai Andrographis paniculata to treat COVID-19, and on the next Tuesday (February 25).


  • THAI steps up screening for flights from Cambodia

    President of Thai Airways International revealed that the Westerdam cruise ship reported confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection, and Thai authority has decided to ban foreign passengers on the ship from entering Thailand until the end of a 14-day observation period starting from February 14, 2020.


  • Thailand plans to step up Covid-19 screening for passengers from Hong Kong and Singapore

    Dr. Thanarak Springphat, deputy director general of the Department of Disease Control, said the global outbreak situation showed increasing numbers of coronavirus cases in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Singapore.


  • CEIS releases top 10 events in construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center

    China Economic Information Service (CEIS) has released top ten events in 2019 in Shanghai's construction of an international shipping center recently, showing the city's strong efforts under the goal of building the shipping center with global shipping resources allocation capacity by 2020.


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