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  • B&R Initiative presents new opportunities to ASEAN countries

    China's Belt&Road Initiative (BRI) has presented opportunities to ASEAN countries and countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines have enjoyed an incomparable advantage in grasping it, according to Economic Daily report.


  • Interview: China's shift to high-quality development better for future, says expert

    China's annual Two Sessions reflect deep economic change in the country as it transitions to high-quality development, said a Cuban expert.


  • China's retail sales up 8.2 pct in Jan.-Feb.

    China's retail sales of consumer goods rose 8.2 percent year on year in the first two months of the year, flat with that in December 2018, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).


  • U.S. should innovate together with China, says expert

    The United States should collaborate with China on innovation rather than "control" Chinese technologies, which could set back growth in technology growth, Craig Allen, president of the U.S.-China Business Council (USCBC), said on Monday.


  • China Focus: Consumption upgrade bolsters economic growth

    Consumer spending contributed 76.2 percent to China's GDP growth last year, making it the largest driver of the country's economic growth for six years in a row.


  • Hainan sets up agency to woo foreign investment

    China's southernmost island province of Hainan set up a new public service agency to attract foreign capital and provide international corporate services, local authorities said.


  • China’s digital economy picks up speed with scale likely to reach RMB150trln by 2035

    China’s digital economy has scaled up to more than 31 trillion yuan in 2018 which is expected to reach 150 trillion yuan by 2035, according to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).


  • China's resolve to all-round reform and opening up provides reassurance to global economy

    China has vowed to expand opening-up by diversifying exports markets and expanding imports, boosting foreign investment inflow and advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, which will provide reassurance to global economy.


  • Study: Germany is one of top beneficiaries of euro currency

    Germany is one of the countries that profited the most from the introduction of the euro, while for Italy and France it resulted in "a reduction in prosperity," a study released on Monday showed.


  • Commentary: China's strategic resolve of green development unshakable

    Despite increasing downward pressure on its economy, China is assuring the world of its firm resolution in the pursuit of green development with concrete and self-motivated efforts.


  • Tibet's 2018 GDP growth calculated at 9.1 percent

    GDP in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region grew by 9.1 percent in 2018, down from the previous estimate of 10 percent but still among the nation's fastest.


  • Greater Bay Area to become important pillar for Belt and Road

    With a master plan unveiled on February 18, China has stepped up efforts to develop its southern bay area around the Pearl River Delta into a world-class city cluster that will lead the country's opening-up and further support the B&R Initiative.


  • 'Make in India' and 'Made in China' not zero-sum game

    The cooperation between manufacturing industries in China and India will not only be conducive to the development of China-India relations, but will also help enhance the global industrial chain and push forward progress in globalization.


  • Macao SAR's GDP grows 4.7 pct in 2018

    The economy of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) grew 4.7 percent in 2018 as its gross domestic product (GDP) amounted to 440.3 billion patacas (54.6 billion U.S. dollars), but the pace of growth slowed notably.


  • Economy can resist external pressure

    China is capable of dealing with any pressure because it is committed to deepening reform and opening-up, and has huge domestic demand and great potential for market growth.


  • More leeway for China's pro-growth policy: economist

    Morgan Stanley economist Robin Xing said on Wednesday China will have a bigger room for countercyclical adjustments to stabilize the economy as there have been more favorable factors at home and abroad.


  • Shenzhen surpasses HK in GDP

    Shenzhen's 2018 gross domestic product surpassed that of Hong Kong, calculated by the annual average exchange rate, for the first time in history, as the latter unveiled the government's 2019-20 budget on Wednesday.


  • Guizhou ramps up efforts to become a big data hub

    Guizhou, one of the fastest-growing provinces in Southwest China in terms of GDP growth, is aiming to become a big data hub, welcoming global investors to commercialize their emerging technologies, officials said.


  • China's service trade hits record high in 2018

    China's service trade rose 11.5 percent year-on-year and hit a record high in 2018, the Ministry of Commerce said Tuesday.


  • CDB lends trillions of yuan to develop Yangtze River Economic Belt

    China Development Bank (CDB), the world's largest development finance institution, has extended trillions of yuan of loans to support the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.


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