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  • World Insights: China's poverty alleviation success offers hope for countries facing common challenges

    China's success in reducing poverty within its borders in recent decades can stand out as an example for other countries that seek to alleviate poverty, analysts have said.


  • Interview: China's poverty alleviation speeds global poverty reduction, says UN official

    China's poverty alleviation achievements have made a great contribution to the cause of global poverty reduction, and provided important inspiration for other developing countries in lifting themselves out of poverty, a UN official told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Monday.


  • World Insights: How China's victory against absolute poverty offers hope to the world

    At a grand gathering held in Beijing on Thursday to mark China's victory in its fight against absolute poverty, Shibadong, a Miao ethnic enclave in the central Chinese Province of Hunan, was honored for its outstanding achievements in the country's battle against penury.


  • Xinhua Commentary: China's poverty fight renews hope for global victory over destitution

    Despite a raging pandemic and tough economic challenges, China clinched victory in eradicating absolute poverty last year, achieving the poverty reduction goal set by the United Nations (UN)'s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a decade in advance.


  • China's poverty alleviation model instructive for Africa: expert

    China's successful poverty alleviation model is instructive for Africa in its efforts to grow economies and lift millions out of poverty, an Ethiopian expert has said.


  • China's success in poverty reduction greatest achievement in world's history: Cambodian official

    ​​China's success in poverty alleviation is the greatest achievement in the world's history, and its experience is really useful for other developing countries to learn from, Cambodian government chief spokesman Phay Siphan said.


  • China makes tremendous achievements in poverty reduction: U.S. economist

    China's poverty alleviation experience provides lessons for many countries, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs said in a recent video interview with Xinhua.


  • China's success in poverty alleviation a great lesson for mankind: Cuban analyst

    "China's success in poverty alleviation gives a great lesson for mankind amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the complex geopolitical landscape worldwide," a Cuban analyst has said.


  • China's poverty reduction experience wins praise from int'l experts

    China's experience in poverty reduction is worth learning from for other countries, experts arou...


  • Interview: China's poverty reduction "extraordinary" milestone in face of current challenges, says economist

    China's success in reducing poverty constitutes an "extraordinary" milestone that reflects the "persistence" of the country in dealing with this issue despite current challenges, Argentine economist and China expert Gustavo Girado said in a recent interview with Xinhua.


  • Indian sinologist commends China's poverty reduction achievements despite pandemic

    "China's poverty alleviation achievements have been impressive," said B. R. Deepak, Indian sinologist and professor of New Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University.


  • Interview: China's poverty reduction through reform, opening up is valuable example: UK business leader

    The process of ending poverty through the reform and opening-up policy in China is a valuable example to all those nations trying to alleviate poverty, Stephen Perry, chairman of Britain's 48 Group Club, told Xinhua recently in a written interview.


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