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high-quality development Sorting by the latest release time

  • Interview: European truck giant eyes opportunities in China's high-quality development

    Leading European truck manufacturer Scania is actively targeting the Chinese market to leverage significant opportunities amid China's broader push for high-quality development, according to the president of the company's China unit.


  • Chinese economy sustains recovery momentum, makes notable progress in Q1

    The Chinese economy has seen strengthened recovery momentum in the first quarter of 2024, with significant strides in cultivating new quality productive forces laying a solid foundation for the bid to achieve the full-year growth target of around 5 percent.


  • Foreign envoys praise prosperous Xinjiang at conference

    Over 70 foreign diplomats from 49 countries attended a conference held in Beijing on Wednesday, to learn about economic and social development and human rights protection achievements in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


  • Shanghai's Songjiang vows to make breakthroughs in modernization

    In 2024, Songjiang District of east China's Shanghai will hold on to the new development philosophy, making breakthroughs in modernization, said Cheng Xiangmin, Party chief of Songjiang District, in a recent interview.


  • China's new budget book reveals fiscal priorities for 2024

    China's central and local budgets for 2024 approved by the country's top legislature were released on Wednesday, detailing a series of measures and policy instruments to ramp up economic recovery while advancing social improvement.


  • China Focus: The greening of China in 2023

    China stepped up its greening programs last year with more trees planted and sandy land restored as part of the efforts to protect the environment and promote high-quality development.


  • Economic Watch: Highly-anticipated meeting sets tone for China's economic work in 2024

    Following a key meeting setting the country's economic policy priorities for 2024, China is poised for steady economic growth and high-quality development.


  • Xinhua Headlines: China holds Central Economic Work Conference to plan for 2024

    The annual Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from Monday to Tuesday as Chinese leaders decided priorities for the economic work in 2024.


  • GLOBALink | 2023 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs: Chinese wisdom of high-quality development

    On the 2023 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have shared insights and experiences, explored new directions and opportunities for innovative development, and presented Chinese wisdom of high-quality development to the world.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Join hands for high-quality development in Asia-Pacific

    In the beautiful U.S. city of San Francisco, leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members gathered on Friday, uniting in their commitment to deliver a free, open, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent, inclusive, and predictable trade and investment environment.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Heavyweight policy boost for China's private economy

    China has blazed new trails for the country's private economy against the backdrop of sluggish world economic recovery, aiming to boost the development of a sector that is expected to be a pioneer of innovative development and a major driving force for Chinese modernization.


  • Investment promotion adds new vitality to E China city's high-quality development

    An investment promotion and cooperation forum was held on Friday in Xishan District of Wuxi City, east China's Jiangsu Province, injecting new impetus to local efforts of promoting high-quality development.


  • Economic Watch: Key financial conference sets priorities for high-quality development

    With the conclusion on Tuesday of the closely watched central financial work conference, China has outlined future priorities and directions for the pursuit of the country's high-quality financial development.


  • China issues guideline to promote high-quality development of Inner Mongolia

    China's State Council has released a guideline document specifying tasks for promoting high-quality development and coordinating development and security across Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China.


  • FTZs advance China's high-quality development

    Near a cargo terminal in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, porters were busy carrying boxes of imported durians out of a cold-chain container and loading them onto a truck.


  • Digital, green innovation drives high-quality development of China's services trade

    China's high-quality development featuring digital and green transition has provided crucial support for services trade and opened up new space for foreign companies.


  • China Focus: China upgrades green power industry to boost high-quality development

    China's green power industry, the global leader, is becoming a new driving force for China's high-quality development through technological upgrades.


  • China improves traffic management services to support high-quality development

    Chinese traffic management authorities on Monday made specific arrangements to refine their services amid efforts to support the country's high-quality development.


  • Xinhua Headlines: A look at China's economic resilience amid sluggish global growth

    Despite sluggish global growth, China has navigated economic headwinds with an effective policy mix so far this year.


  • China's top political advisor stresses efforts on sound economic development

    China's top political advisor Wang Huning on Monday stressed efforts to advance the healthy development of China's economy.


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