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  • Interview: WTO chief says Chinese economy to help boost global growth

    Highlighting China's key role in boosting global trade and global economic growth, the WTO chief said, "Whatever happens to China impacts the world and that's why it's in the interest of everyone for the Chinese economy to perform well."


  • GLOBALink | Experts optimistic about China's economic outlook in 2024

    Experts remain upbeat about China's economic prospects in 2024, saying that the country will still be a major contributor to global growth.


  • Interview: China's economic recovery conducive to global growth -- Rwandan economist

    As what happens in China has a huge impact on the rest of the world, China's economic recovery holds great significance for global economic growth.


  • Hainan expo highlights China's commitment to opening-up, contribution to global growth

    The third CICPE, with an increased scale and rising global influence compared to the previous versions, has underscored China's commitment to expanding high-standard opening up as the global economy is struggling to emerge.


  • Interview: China's growth contributes to Chinese, global financial stability, says IMF official

    China's economic growth is important for both Chinese and global financial stability at a time when the global financial system is showing considerable strains, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) official has said.


  • China's intensive spring diplomacy boosts confidence in global growth, peace

    With friendly handshakes, expanded consensus and fruitful results, Beijing's intensive diplomatic drive in this spring has sent to the world community an unmistakable and uplifting message of dialogue, peace and cooperation.


  • China's rebound "additive" needed to promote global growth in 2023: WB president

    China's economic rebound is an "additive" needed for a year like 2023 where global growth is expected to be weak, said World Bank Group President David Malpass on Thursday.


  • China locomotive of world economic growth, says economist

    China is the "locomotive of world economic growth" due to its remarkable progress in science, technology, innovation, and export capacity, an Angolan economist has said.


  • IMF projects China's economy to grow 5.2 pct in 2023, "key contributor" to global growth

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected on Tuesday that China's economy will grow 5.2 percent in 2023 and 4.5 percent in 2024.


  • China's warming economy new impetus to global growth

    Well begun is half done. Off to a good start in 2023, China's economy is seeing a faster-than-expected recovery, which is boosting confidence and nurturing new impetus both domestically and abroad.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Good start to Chinese economy in 2023 poised to stimulate global growth

    Encouraging indicators ranging from tourism and box office revenues to the purchasing managers' index at the onset of 2023 are bolstering forecasts of a faster-than-expected recovery of China's economy and global growth.


  • Economic Watch: China's rosy prospects in economy boost global growth confidence

    China's economy is expected to recover faster thanks to good fundamentals, effective macro-policy response, and optimized pandemic prevention and control policies, which will boost global growth expectations, observers said.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Despite COVID-19 pandemic, China remains important engine for global growth

    For the last three years, China has been pursuing a delicate balance of fostering economic activity and maintaining public health.


  • Interview: China's economic resilience offers hope for global growth -- BIS general manager

    China's resilient economy continues to be an engine of global growth, a senior bank official has said.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Int'l agencies, experts expect China to drive global growth in post-pandemic era

    In its latest Economic Outlook report, the OECD predicted that China will be the only major economy to record positive performance in 2020 with a 1.8-percent growth.


  • Interview: OECD expert says global growth now more reliant on China

    The world is now more relying on China for growth as China is expected to account for over one-third of global gross domestic product (GDP) growth next year, Margit Molnar, head of the China Desk of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), said on Thursday.


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