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  • Jiangsu Kunshan accelerates development of emerging industries with investment of nearly RMB100 bln

    98 emerging industry projects involving a total investment of 98.06 billion yuan were recently signed and settled in the city of Kunshan in east China's Jiangsu Province, showing the surging momentum of Kunshan's industrial innovation and transformation.


  • Local governments sign emerging industry projects, aiming for economic dev't

    Local governments in China have signed a number of emerging industry projects at over 10 billion yuan level since October, aiming to achieve the annual target for economic development, reported the Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily on Wednesday.


  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs help reduce COVID-19 deaths: study

    Commonly used cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may help reduce the death rate in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.


  • Xiaomi sees robust growth in European smartphone market: report

    Chinese tech firm Xiaomi saw robust smartphone sales growth in the European market in the third quarter of the year, according to a report by global technology market research firm Canalys.


  • E-commerce alliance helps promote agro products by poor areas

    The China E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Alliance has helped with sales of agricultural and specialty products from the country's poverty-stricken areas worth over 2 billion yuan (around 284.5 million U.S. dollars) in total since its founding in August 2018.


  • Alibaba to deploy liquid-cooled processors for Double 11

    China's Alibaba is seeking large-scale deployment of a self-developed liquid-cooling technology on the processors in its data center prior to the arrival of the Double 11 shopping spree Monday.


  • Huawei leads China's tablet market in Q3: IDC

    Huawei took the lead in China's tablet market for the first time due to the popularity of its new flagship model and wide range of products, according to global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC).


  • China's electronic payments continue steady growth

    China's electronic payments maintained steady growth last year with broader coverage, official data showed.


  • Baidu granted road test licenses for self-driving cars with passengers

    Licenses to allow road rests for self-driving cars that carry passengers were granted to Chinese artificial intelligence giant Baidu Friday by the government of Cangzhou city in northern China's Hebei Province.


  • Domestically-made 12-inch chips mass produced in Guangdong

    A 12-inch wafer production line, the first of its kind in south China's Guangdong Province, has been put into operation.


  • China mobile gaming industry sees rapid growth in overseas markets

    Overseas markets have become increasingly important to Chinese mobile games developers as they account for a growing share of the industry's revenue, a research report showed.


  • China's Harbin to further promote emerging, high-tech industries to achieve high-quality dev.

    Harbin, the capital city of northeast China's Heilongjiang province will continue to promote strategic emerging industries and high-tech sectors as part of its efforts to achieve high-quality economic development, according to a municipal meeting concluded last week.


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