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Cultural exchanges Sorting by the latest release time

  • Across China: French folk ensemble adds variety to traditional Chinese festivities

    Early on the morning of this year's Chinese Lantern Festival, which fell on Saturday, a folk ensemble from France stood out among the groups of performers waiting for the two-day celebration to begin on the illuminated streets of Qingxu County, north China's Shanxi Province.


  • China's development in eyes of German executive

    A German COO who has stayed in China for more than a decade has witnessed the country's stunning changes both in big cities and small counties. Find out what he found during this Spring Festival


  • Feature: Unleashing the power of youth: The driving force behind China-U.S. ties

    "China is really huge. Just like the United States. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come to China," said the letter signed by over 20 students, with some drawing hearts next to their signatures. On the right side of the main text, students drew a soaring Chinese dragon over the Great Wall.


  • Feature: Americans eye closer exchanges with China

    U.S. performers in traditional Chinese garments took to the stage at a gathering in Los Angeles, and showcased folk music, songs, and even tongue twisters in Chinese language.


  • China, Egypt ink deal to exhibit ancient Egyptian relics in Shanghai

    Representatives of China and Egypt signed on Sunday a cooperation agreement for organizing an exhibition of ancient Egyptian cultural relics in China, according to a press release of the Chinese Embassy in Cairo.


  • Celebrations held Barcelona to welcome Chinese new year, boost cultural exchange

    Barcelona, a city in northeast Spain, was engulfed in festive ambiance last Saturday as thousands of people thronged to enjoy various celebrations held to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year.


  • Feature: Year of Dragon celebrated with cultural activities in Myanmar

    The China Cultural Center in Myanmar's commercial hub Yangon, adorned with vibrant red cultural decorations, bustled on Sunday with visitors enjoying the Year of Dragon Spring Festival.


  • Cross-cultural symphony at a German school in northeast China

    During an art class at HuZ School in Tiexi District, located in northeast China's Shenyang City, the eighth graders were busy crafting a giant 3D decorative painting depicting the Year of the Dragon, guided by their art teacher Yang Huanhuan.


  • French chef tastes spring pancakes on "Beginning of Spring" in NE China

    "It's quite fascinating because you can choose from a wide variety of ingredients and make your own pancakes." A French chef came to China's Changchun to spring pancakes on the day of "Lichun," or the beginning of spring.


  • Cultural exchanges highlighted at Chinese New Year celebration in Uganda

    The fusion of Chinese and Ugandans in a Tai Chi performance here on Sunday at the Chinese New Year celebration was a sign of the deepening people-to-people ties between the two countries.


  • Interview: Cultural exchanges with China have thrived under BRI, says senior Kenyan official

    Kenya has strengthened bilateral cooperation with China in the fields of arts, culture and sports, demonstrating a commitment to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a senior Kenyan official told Xinhua in a recent interview.


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