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Chinese culture Sorting by the latest release time

  • Chinese books attract global attention at Italy's biggest book fair

    Chinese publishers seized the opportunity to reach new readers at the biggest book fair in Italy recently.


  • GLOBALink | Serbian international student explores Chinese culture in Shanghai

    "Chinese history is very long and very rich. There is always something new to learn." An international student from Serbia is fascinated by Chinese culture while studying in China's Shanghai.


  • Feature: French martial arts enthusiasts highlight charm of Chinese tai chi, qigong

    As the sun poured down on the trees and waters of a running brook under the world heritage site of Mount Fanjingshan, Yves Perrin, 62, dressed in his tai chi clothes and sat beside water, practicing traditional Chinese qigong breathing exercises.


  • American school delegation enjoys study tour in NW China

    American student Rowan Gleser, wearing the traditional Chinese clothes called Tangzhuang, strolled and took photos in Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City, a commercial pedestrian area with architecture modeled after ancient styles in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.


  • Chinese culture shines at Maltese school

    Chinese culture took the spotlight on Wednesday at a multicultural festival hosted by a Maltese co-educational school.


  • Malta issues Chinese zodiac stamp for first time

    A ceremony for the issuance of a special zodiac stamp for the Chinese Year of the Dragon was held in Malta on Wednesday.


  • GLOBALink | Sarajevo students experience Chinese culture at Confucius Institute

    The Confucius Institute of Sarajevo University in Bosnia and Herzegovina started the new semester with a Chinese ink painting session, hoping that students could learn more about Chinese culture through it.


  • Bangladeshi book fair highlights love of Chinese culture

    Bangladesh's largest annual book fair is held in capital Dhaka during the whole February. A Chinese book house in the fair gains popularity as more local people want to know more about China.


  • Learning Chinese best way to build cultural bridge, says Spanish student

    Studying the Chinese language is one of the best ways to get closer to Chinese culture, a Spanish student told Xinhua on Tuesday.


  • Chinese lanterns illuminate Italian theme park for holiday season

    A large collection of hand-made Chinese lanterns illuminated one of Italy's major theme parks in the city of Cassino this holiday season.


  • Roundup: French share confidence in boosting ties with China

    Business and cultural leaders in France expressed approval in further developing China-France ties in recent interviews with Xinhua.


  • Chinese ice sculpture, lantern exhibition opens in Norway

    An exhibition featuring Chinese ice sculptures and lanterns opened in Oslo on Sunday, drawing crowds of visitors with Chinese culture set against Norwegian landscapes.


  • Chinese arts troupe enchants Cape Town with Spring Festival gala performance

    A captivating gala performance presented by a Chinse arts troupe wowed the audience on Saturday evening in Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa.


  • Chinese culture shines bright at New York travel show

    Chinese culture shone brightly at the 2024 New York Travel & Adventure Show Saturday, captivating visitors with a vibrant display of tradition and artistry.


  • American student forges closer links with Chinese culture

    Putting on the traditional Chinese dress Qipao, or cheongsam, sticking a wooden hairpin in her hair bun and holding a folding fan, Raina Chareese Luke took photos showing off the Chinese traditional elements that she had on.


  • Thailand publishes Chinese Braille textbooks to help visually impaired students learn Chinese

    In a room at Thailand Association of the Blind, a blind teacher sang a classic Chinese song "The Moon Represents My Heart," and the beautiful voice touched everybody at the scene.


  • GLOBALink | Chinese culture impresses me: Croatian actress

    "Every time when I meet a new piece of Chinese culture, I'm always impressed." A former Croatian actress living in China's Xi'an said Chinese culture has given her a lot of inspiration.


  • Maltese ambassadors promote book on China

    A book on Chinese culture, history and contemporary development has received praise and recognition from Maltese ambassadors to China, the China Cultural Center in Malta, a co-launcher of the book, said on Wednesday.


  • Foreigners overjoyed at making Huamo in E. China's Shandong Linyi

    Some foreigners from countries such as Morocco, Burkina Faso, and Pakistan recently experienced the joy of making Huamo, a kind of ornate steamed flour buns in Hedong District, Linyi City in east China's Shandong Province.


  • GLOBALink | Russian travel blogger experiences Chinese culture in Nanjing

    "I'd never regret, not even for a second, for choosing to study the Chinese language and Chinese culture, and serving as a 'messenger of friendship' between China and Russia."


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