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Haikou Jiangdong New Area
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  • China invites public opinions on optimized cross-border RMB policies

    China started soliciting public opinions on the draft circular over further optimizing cross-border Renminbi (RMB) policies last Friday, to better serve the real economy and facilitate trade and investment, according toan announcement posted on website of the Chinese central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBOC).


  • Highlights of Chinese policies supporting economic recovery

    China's economic recovery continues to gather steam as the country has rolled out a series of policies and measures, including providing more financial support and tax reduction, as well as promoting foreign trade and consumption to revive the coronavirus-battered economy and boost employment.


  • Economic Watch: New rules will further reduce China's financial risk

    China issued fresh rules on Sunday to tighten regulation of the country's financial holding companies, a move that experts say will forestall risks in the financial sector.


  • Fresh business system reform to further invigorate China market: officials

    China's latest efforts to deepen reform on its business system will contribute to the building of a high-standard market system and further stimulate entrepreneurship, the country's top market watchdog said.


  • China announces new rules regulating financial holding companies

    The State Council, China's cabinet, on Sunday unveiled new rules to regulate market access of financial holding companies.


  • China's foreign trade improving amid complex situation: official

    China's foreign trade has gradually stabilized and improved during the first eight months of this year, but it still faces a grim and complicated situation, a commerce official said Thursday.


  • Economic Watch: China's inflation eases, tempered by food prices

    China's consumer inflation eased in August alongside slowing growth in food prices, while factory-gate prices continued to moderate amid recovering industrial activities and market demand, official data showed on Wednesday.


  • Economic Watch: China accelerates reform to empower private sector amid COVID-19

    To enter shopping malls in Beijing, people need to show their health code on a mobile app. With a green code, they are free to enter the building; If the code goes red or yellow, the individual is quarantined.


  • China's Hainan sees over 162,000 new market entities

    Southern China's island province of Hainan saw more than 162,000 new market entities in the first eight months of this year, up 19.8 percent year on year, local authorities said.


  • Xiangyang Area of China's Hubei FTZ sees more entities registered amid in-depth reforms

    Xiangyang Area of China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has seen 7,150 market entities as of June this year, an increase of 348.8 percent over that before the launch of the area, thanks to its in-depth reforms for the FTZ construction.


  • China to unveil more policies to fuel consumption in rural areas

    Chinese authorities will introduce promotion plans to further tap the consumption potential in the rural areas, with the focus on the promotion of e-commerce into the countryside and the improvement of the business circulation network, according to the Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily on Tuesday.


  • 30,180 market entities newly registered in Tianjin Binhai New District

    Since 2020, Tianjin Binhai New District has been making efforts in improving business environment, with 30,180 market entities newly registered in the area in the first seven months of the year, up 41.36 percent year on year, reported Tianjin Daily Thursday.


  • China to further transform government functions, invigorate market vitality

    China will work to ensure that business opening will be entirely processed online before the end of the year, as part of effort to further transform government functions with a view to preserving and reinvigorating the market entities.


  • China-ASEAN digital trade center to boost cooperation

    Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have rolled out a plan to build the China-ASEAN Digital Trade Center for boosting regional digital economic cooperation.


  • China's loan prime rates unchanged

    China's one-year loan prime rate (LPR), a market-based benchmark lending rate, came in at 3.85 percent Thursday, remaining unchanged from the previous month.


  • S. China's Guangxi to actively promote construction of China-ASEAN Digital Trade Center

    South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will actively promote construction of the China-ASEAN Digital Trade Center, according to a plan released at the center promotion conference in Nanning, capital of Guangxi, on Tuesday.


  • Economic Watch: Cross-border e-commerce propels China's foreign trade

    Amid great global economic uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, China's foreign trade sector has delivered better-than-expected performances so far this year, with cross-border e-commerce providing impetus.


  • Chinese premier stresses financial support for real economy

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday stressed efforts to ensure that new fiscal funds directly benefit businesses and people to consolidate the foundation of the country's restorative growth.


  • China's increased fiscal funds to directly benefit businesses and the people

    China will take further measures for the increased fiscal funds to directly benefit businesses and the people in a bid to enhance the foundation for the economic recovery and growth and ensure full delivery of the financial policy measures to support the real economy.


  • China to accelerate high-quality dev. of national high-tech zones

    China's national high-tech zones, as the innovation-driven development demonstration zones and high-quality development pioneer zones in the country, have ushered in new opportunities for upgrading and development.


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