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  • Ample opportunities for China-Europe financial cooperation: BOC president

    There are ample opportunities for China-Europe financial cooperation as the economic and trade links between the two sides have strengthened, a top Chinese banker has said.


  • N.China Langfang city introduces RMB10.18bln projects

    The Partnership Symposium for Investment in Langfang (Beijing) held in Beijing saw six investment inviting projects inked on Wednesday with total investment amounting to 10.18 billon yuan.


  • Logistics hubs provide route to more growth

    China has decided to build a number of key hubs for the logistics sector and improve its efficiency and information-sharing as part of efforts to substantially reduce the ratio of overall logistics costs to GDP, and build a modern logistics system.


  • China Focus: Top executives express confidence for business in northeastern China

    Several executives from the world's top 500 companies expressed their full confidence in doing business in northeast China, at a forum recently held in Beijing.


  • Policy brief

    Policy brief


  • Chongqing, Switzerland sign cooperation agreements

    Representatives from Southwest China's Chongqing municipality and Switzerland met in Zurich and pledged to build a Sino-Swiss industrial park in Liangjiang New Area.


  • Vying measures launched across China for new stage of opening-up

    Recently, Hainan, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Ningxia and Guangdong have vied to launch specific opening-up measures with focuses on further liberalization of finance industry, transformation and upgrading of industries.


  • Xinhua Silk Road launches reports on business environment of Liaoning and Shanxi

    Xinhua Silk Road, China’s state information service platform focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative under Xinhua News Agency, launches reports on business environment of Liaoning and Shanxi respectively on Saturday.


  • China's 3rd batch of FTZs eyes further opening up

    Since the official launch of seven pilot trade zones in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi on April 1, 2017, China's third batch of pilot trade zones have yielded fruitful results.


  • Guangxi: build a global investment promotion system, stimulate industrial development into depth

    Guangxi, in the heart of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone, has been building a global investment promotion system and implementing a 'three-year double increase program" to inject a new drive into attracting foreign investment over the past three year


  • Tianjin: big adjustment required to policies for using foreigncapital when FTZ advantages weakening

    Industry insiders say that there are some unfavorable factors for Tianjin's use of foreign capital, including the stern situation in the domestic and overseas economy, the international competition and the rising operating cost of domestic enterprises.


  • Jiangxi: policy and service support results in more foreign capital inflow

    2016 was the first year for Jiangxi province to implement the overall opening up strategy and create the situation of two-way opening up. Thanks to the efforts over a year, the province has witnessed outstanding results in the use of foreign capital.


  • Shanghai: new rules rolled out to attract top-class foreign-funded R&D centers

    Shanghai has recently released a new document in order to encourage foreign-funded R&D centers to attract top-class foreign-funded R&D centers to settle in Shanghai.


  • Shandong: 22 measures adopted to attract FDI

    Shandong has given a high attention to attracting foreign capital and implemented all measures for reforming the foreign investment approval procedures, made a down-to-earth effort to optimize the investment environment for foreign investors.


  • Big data begins to make a big impact

    An industry park in Southwest China has become the nerve center of the burgeoning sector, as Yang Wanli and Yang Jun report from Guiyang, Guizhou.


  • Zhejiang FTZ boosts RMB internationalization through oil trade

    Since operated on April 1, 2017, China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Zhejiang FTZ) has planned to establish a free trade port zone, focusing on chain investment facilitation and trade liberalization of oil industry and meeting international standards.


  • Overseas investment sources diversifying in Xinjiang

    With the investment environment Xinjiang continuously improving and efforts to attract foreign investment gradually intensified, the range of geographical distribution of investors has become larger and larger.


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