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GPI to produce automated systems for pharmacies inside Chinese hospitals

October 10, 2019

Abstract : The Italian group founded by Fausto Manzana signed an agreement with Kimauto, a company based in Suzhou which will assembly automatic vending machines in the pharmacies inside the hospitals in order to distribute drugs to patients under treatment.

MILAN, Oct. 9 (Class Editori) – The GPI group continues its expansion in China, signing a contract worth 900 thousand euros with Kimauto, a Chinese company specialized in healthcare robotization systems based in Suzhou – the city of a hundred canals, in the Jangsu coastal province just west of Shanghai.

The agreement was signed by Massimiliano Rossi, the automation division executive director who works in the automation systems for drug logistics sector. The contract provides for the automated systems supply (20 pincers, technologies and control panels) to manage pharmacies inside Chinese hospitals, which will be assembled by Kimauto – with which GPI signed a distribution contract as well. This is the first of the several operations foresees in the Shanghai region, one of the most populous (over 30 million inhabitants) and economically dynamic of the China.

“Such an important order from China confirms how much the quality of our technology is appreciated worldwide. This acknowledgment strengthen our belief: the focus on people’s health through a smart use of technologies is the key factor of a successful product,” stated Fabio Rossi, the GPI international sales and marketing director. 

“Automation allows to ensure a more effective management of the drug logistics chain, only by taking care of the drug administration reaching the patient under treatment in the hospital can ensure him the correct therapy and it can reduce possible mistakes,” specified Rossi.

GPI has also announced to have concluded a similar contract worth 500 thousand euros in Austria, through its Austrian subsidiary PCS with the general hospital in Vienna, the Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt, located in the medicine university of the capital.

With almost 10 thousand employees and 2.200 beds, the AKH hospital is the biggest in Austria and the fifth biggest in Europe. The contract provides for the supply and installation of the Rield system, the flagship product of the automation division, an automated system to distribute drugs in the wards, able to store 300 packages/hour.

The international strategy of the group is based on two aspects: automated systems for the pharmaceutical logistics and solutions for the management of transfusion centers and blood bank. GPI exports components and highly technological industrialized solutions, through both a direct presence and distribution partnerships with selected local entities. 

Today the group is present with headquarters in Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Stated and Chile.

Through its transfusion centers of the subsidiary Hemasoft, the GPI group is present in more than 60 countries and through distributors and partners it install pharmaceutical logistics systems in 20 European and non-European countries, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Columbia, while hospital warehouse installation in Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China and Italy.

The drug distribution automation in its broader sense, that is the prescription-administration from the central warehouse until the patient under treatment cycle, is a flagship of the group.

The automated warehouse, used by hospitals and private pharmacies, use a highly sophisticated technology. The Riedl Phasys group represents the better today available on the market, in terms of performances, precision and reliability: the systems is wireless, the pincer works at 5 meters/second, the picking is highly precise. 

The Riedl brand is part of the GPI group since Dicember 2014 and it quickly acquired an important position among the market leaders. Last March, GPI signed an agreement with CGM Pharmaone to consolidate its presence also in the retail segment, with an offer enriched with furniture services and keys in hand refurbishment of the pharmacy.

Founded 30 years ago in Trento by Fausto Manzana, the GPI group has now almost 4 thousand employees and controls around twenty companies. In the first quarter of this year it registered a turnover increase of 18% with almost 110 million euros, with a significant performance in the care area, raised of 54% with 57 million euros. EBITDA remained stable at 9.6 million euros (All rights reserved) 

(Source:Class Editori)

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