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Special report

Agricultural Machinery

November 21, 2018

Abstract : In recent years, Jiangxi has been witnessing rapid development in agricultural mechanization.


I.Current State

In recent years, Jiangxi has been witnessing rapid development in agricultural mechanization. By the end of 2017, the power output of agricultural machinery in Jiangxi totaled 23,090 million MW; there are over 60,000 large and medium-sized tractors, an increase of 8,000 from the previous year; 79,000 sets of combine-harvester and 16,100 sets of transplanter, up by 13,400 and 1,500 from the end of 2015; rapid progress has been made in fishery, animal husbandry, protected agriculture, tea-leaf production and fruit industry and sharp improvement in structure of agricultural equipment, vigorously backing up the efforts in developing Jiangxi into a province strong in modern agriculture. 71.15% of the staple crop plowing, sowing and harvesting workload are done with machinery and 76.16% for that of paddy rice, up by 4.65 and 4.86 percentage points respectively from the year 2015; 31.15% of the paddy rice is machine-transplanted, up by 10.4 percentage points from the year 2010, the rice planting entering into a new phase centered on mechanical operation.

Jiangxi is a province huge in agricultural output, weak in agricultural machinery manufacturing and strong in agricultural machinery consumption. The agricultural machinery manufacturers in Jiangxi mainly supplies walking tractors, engine-driven threshers, rotary cultivators and sometimes other products. Over 100 local agricultural machinery manufacturers have been listed on subsidy catalog of Jiangxi, mostly in Nanchang, Xinyu and Ji’an. Statistics show there are 16 walking tractor manufacturers, mainly engaged in assembling Type 15 machinery, most of which to be sold within Jiangxi; 20 engine-driven thresher manufacturers, mainly engaged in manufacturing Type 5T-70, which are sold across China and secure most domestic markets; 6 rotary cultivator manufacturers whose products are often sold to plain regions in north China. Those enterprises feature small scale, inadequate capital, low-tech, low innovation capacity, weak competence and lack of well-known brands, severely restraining the development of agricultural machinery industry in Jiangxi.

The agricultural machinery industry in Jiangxi is proposed to develop in-depth comprehensive service and the extensive coverage of mechanical operation in animal husbandry, forestry and orchard, preliminary produce processing and protected agriculture. By the end of 2017, there were 1,103 agricultural machinery cooperative organizations registered in authorities, which employed 21,660 members and covered 50% of target space, expanding their service coverage from crop farming to aquaculture and animal husbandry, forestry, orchard and gardens, preliminary produce processing and protected agriculture and improving the organization and comprehensive service competence. The agricultural machinery operation is now highlight of comprehensive agricultural service and a critical approach for consistently growing income for farmers.

II. Development Goals

Reinforced efforts shall be made in investment promotion of agricultural machinery industry to expand and strengthen the agricultural equipment industry by building brand names, fostering leading enterprises, making breakthroughs in automatic, networked, smart and precision equipment and focusing on development of cultivation and seeding machines, large and medium-sized tractors, combine harvester, new-type plant protection equipment, rotary cultivator, straw recycling machines, cereal dryers, fruit and vegetable processing machines. By 2020, the above-level agricultural machinery enterprises in Jiangxi is expected to achieve a prime operating revenue topping CNY 4 billion and ever-growing R&D and manufacturing competence; to build 1 to 2 province-level technological centers and 1 state-level R&D center; to foster 1 to 2 enterprises with decent competence and an annual prime operating revenue over CNY 300 million; to improve the industrial chain to foster scale and aggregation effect and endeavor to cultivate 1 province-level agricultural equipment industrial base and a number of supporting equipment and component manufacturers.

III. Industrial Distribution

According to Action Planning on Development of Agricultural Machinery(2016-2025) and in light of features of Jiangxi Province. Priorities of development as below:

As for power machinery, to develop large and medium-sized roller tractor series and caterpillar rotary cultivators; as for harvesting machinery, to develop caterpillar combine harvester series, tea-leaf harvesters and tea oil harvesters; as for cultivation machinery, to develop paddy rice seedling transplanters and vegetable planters; as for post-harvest processing machinery, to develop cereal dryers, fruit and vegetable preservers and dryers, post-harvest fruit and vegetable treatment equipment and automatic preparation and packaging equipment, tea-leaf deactivation, rolling, drying and screening equipment and fodder processing equipment mainly targeted on aquaculture and animal husbandry; as for aquaculture machinery, to develop high-efficiency oxygen-enriching machines, water purification machine and incubators; as for plant protection machinery, to develop high-efficiency automatic boom sprayer and smart plant protection UAV; smart agricultural equipment and small-sized new-energy machines and tools suitable for the hilly area in Jiangxi.

IV. Major Directions and Target Regions in Investment Promotion

Firstly to build provincial key agricultural machinery industrial park. Priority shall be given to develop agricultural machinery park in Xinyu, Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Xinfeng Industrial Park. To put together a number of major agricultural machinery projects for investors and introduce domestic and world-famous agricultural machinery enterprises to invest in, settle down in and cooperate with Jiangxi Province, improving the manufacturing expertise of agricultural machinery. To focus investment promotion efforts in introduction of the state-of-the-art paddy rice seedling transplanters, automatic caterpillar combine harvester, large and medium-sized tractors, cereal dryers, preservation and storage equipment, tea-leaf processing equipment and other agricultural machinery and component enterprises, so as to promote the concentration and development of agricultural machinery industry in Jiangxi.

Secondly to strengthen technological innovation of enterprises and make special efforts to support a number of high-tech agricultural machinery enterprises get the National High-tech Enterprise Qualification and foster a number of leading enterprises with high-tech products and great market potentials. Meanwhile to step up transformation of development pattern and support small and medium sized agricultural machinery enterprises to get more professional, proficient, specialized and innovative, cultivate a number of component enterprises with comparative advantages and facilitate optimization and upgrade of industrial structure.

Thirdly to reinforce support on R&D of agricultural machinery.To strengthen support from relevant authorities on agricultural machinery research and development, marketing and financing. To guide agricultural machinery enterprises in application for province-level technological centers and state-level agricultural machinery R&D centers and drive integration of agricultural machinery with agricultural technology. To work out agricultural machinery product suitable for characteristics of Jiangxi by working with research institutes and current research achievement and technologies. To gradually improve the hardware and software of key agricultural machinery labs and pay more attention to introduction of professionals and cultivation of local experts.

V. Major Policies and Measures in Investment Promotion

In October 2014, Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government issued Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Agricultural Machinery Industry and Its Application(Ganfufa[2014]22) and proposed the development directions, goals and preferential policies for the agricultural machinery industry.

In January 2016, Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government issued Implementation Opinions on Accomplishing Made in China 2025(Ganfufa[2016]3)  and proposed, in case all other factors being the same, to give priorities to agricultural machinery manufacturers in product R&D, technological upgrade and innovation and smart manufacturing.

VI. Contact Information

Foreign Investment Promotion Division, Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, 0791-86246322;

Agricultural Machinery Administration, Department of Agriculture of Jiangxi Province, 0791-86219946

Equipment Division, Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province, 0791-88916367;

Bureau of Investment Promotion of Nanchang, 0791-83883510;

Bureau of Commerce of Xinyu, 0790-6452800;

Bureau of Commerce of Ganzhou, 0797-8196152.

(Source: Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province)

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