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Special report

Intelligent Equipment (Robots)

November 21, 2018

Abstract : Currently the intelligent equipment (robots) industry has begun to take shape in Jiangxi and there are over 80 enterprises engaged in the field, which achieved CNY 27.5 billion in prime operating revenue in 2017.


I.Current State

Currently the intelligent equipment (robots) industry has begun to take shape in Jiangxi and there are over 80 enterprises engaged in the field, which achieved CNY 27.5 billion in prime operating revenue in 2017. The industry is mainly to be found in Nanchang, Ganzhou and Ji'an and main products include industrial and service robots, smart grid, medium and high-end computer numerical control, automatic production lines, etc., among which the coordinated welding system based on double robots, superhigh speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine and AC-powered automatic production facilities boast leading technological competence in China and some products secure high market share in respective subdivisions like the automobile wheelset NC dynamic balancing machine of NSH-CTI, smart water meter of Sanchuan Water Meter and smart grid by Tellhow. Industrial robots and smart facilities have been applied more or less in fields like automobile, military industry, petrochemical, photovoltaic, optics, mining, food production, pharmaceuticals and light industry. The Jiangxi Robot and Smart Manufacturing Facilities Alliance has been established with leading enterprises including AVIC Hongdu, Ganzhou Qunxing, Powermax Technology, MJ Intelligent System, NSH-CTI,Tellhow, Just Numerical Control and ASAP Technology Jiangxi and professional R&D institutions including Nanchang University, Nanchang Hangkong University and Jiangxi University of Science and University, primarily building up a technological innovation and R&D system integrating production, education and training and R&D.

II. Development Goals

To implement the national strategy of Made in China 2025 and take smart manufacturing as a critical approach in facilitating the industrial updating and upgrading by taking market as steering signal, enterprises as practitioners, leading industrial practitioners as guiding force and technological innovation as driving force, by enforcing combination of cultivation of local enterprises and introduction of new ones, focusing on integration of making breakthroughs and overall upgrading, so as to promote the overall expansion of industrial chains, industry segmentation and value chain upgrade, so as to build a smart equipment (robot) industrial cluster assembling high-end enterprises, complete industrial chains and well-established service system. To transform and upgrade traditional industries with smart manufacturing technologies and push forward the digital, networked, smart and green development of manufacturing industry, so as to facilitate the industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrade in Jiangxi Province.

By working with automobile, electronics, food, medicine, building material, civil explosion, military industry, logistics and other professional application platforms, to encourage manufacturing of welding, spray finishing, assembling, shipping, stacking, grinding and other industrial robots and focus on industrial robot system integration and application service. To endeavor to develop high-end numerical control machine tools, new-type sensors, smart meter and control systems, high-end optical instrument, satellite navigation ground equipment, high-speed railway digital measuring equipment and other smart testing and control facilities as well as key basic components including servo drives, high-precision transmission, composite cutting tools and integrated smart equipment including distributed smart minigrid central distribution control system.

By 2020, the intelligent equipment (robot) industry is expected to achieve CNY 40 billion in prime operating revenue, build up 5 to 10 enterprises with annual prime operating revenue over CNY 1 billion, a dozen of featured enterprises with professional technologies and cutting-edge competence in respective subdivisions, 20 provincial intelligent equipment (robot) technology centers, engineering centers and key labs. It’s expected there would be more than 10 thousand units of intelligent equipment (robot) applied in local industrial enterprises and more than 3robot and intelligent equipment industrial bases with CNY 10 billion in prime operating revenue, complete industrial chain, innovation competence and driving forces.

III. Industrial Distribution

To focus on Nanchang and take Jiujiang, Ji’an, Ganzhou, Pingxiang and Xinyu as important pivot cities to build intelligent equipment (robots) industrial clusters and a complete industrial system integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. As for robots, to focus on manufacturing capacity of industrial robots in welding, spray-finishing, assembly, transporting, stocking and polishing, to develop SI and application service of industrial robots and to develop manufacturing of robots to ride, to provide maintenance service and household service by working with service platforms including hospitals, senior care centers and community offices. As for manufacturing equipment, to focus on development of intelligent manufacturing equipment including medium and high-end numerical control machine tools, flexible automatic production lines, etc.. As for agricultural machinery and mining machinery, to develop fruit and vegetable further processing devices, grain driers, breeding and planting devices, new crop protection machinery and focus on smart cranes, high-efficiency grinding and beneficiating machinery, roadway mining device sets and advanced braking systems by resorting to independent R&D and introduction of new technologies.

IV. Major Directions and Target Regions in Investment Promotion

To seize the global industrial development trends of intelligent equipment (robots) entering into China and target introducing major and premium projects and investment promotion efforts on leading enterprises on the whole industrial chain. To introduce a number of leading large-scale enterprises with core technologies and strong driving forces in manufacturing of finished machine, key components and integrated application as well as a number of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises with characteristic, technologies, market share and development potential, so as to build an intelligent equipment (robots) industrial park in Nanchang and promote the concentrated development of the sector. Mainly target on domestic cities including Taiwan, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing, Jiangsu as well as overseas countries and regions including US, Europe, Japan, etc..

V. Major Policies and Measures in Investment Promotion

In June 2013, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government issued Opinions on Further Implementing the Strategy of Invigorating Jiangxi through Industrial Progress and Accelerating New Industrialization and proposed to actively boost undertaking potency of industrial transfer, intensify fiscal support on and apply favorable financial and land acquisition policies to leading industries and key projects conforming to the overall planning of Jiangxi, improve service and government coordination, lower costs on coals, electricity, oil, transportation and other means of production, endeavoring to promote the development of advanced equipment sector.

In December 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Industrial Robot Industry and proposed to support the development of robot industry in technological R&D, talent utilization and favorable taxation policies.

In February 2017, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government issued Opinions on Accelerating Growth of New Economy and Fostering New Growth Drivers and proposed to step up development of intelligent equipment industry by reinforcing operation service, expanding market access and strengthening fiscal and taxation support.

In November 2017, office of Made in Jiangxi Promotion Leadership Team issued the Implementation Plan on Facilitating Intelligent Manufacturing 10,000-1,000-100-10 Program, steered by application demand, focusing on fostering and developing of medium and high-end numerical control machine tool, flexible automatic production line and other intelligent equipment manufacturers as well as suppliers with intelligent equipment overall design competence and solution capacity.

VI. Contact Information

Equipment Division, Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province, 0791-88916367;

Foreign Investment Promotion Division, Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, 0791-86246322;

Bureau of Investment Promotion of Nanchang, 0791-83883510;

Bureau of Commerce of Jiujiang, 0792-8131115;

Bureau of Commerce of Xinyu, 0790-6452800;

Bureau of Commerce of Ganzhou, 0797-8196152;

Bureau of Commerce of Ji’an, 0796-8222020.

(Source: Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province)

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