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Special report

Jiujiang draws new blueprint for high-quality development

November 20, 2018

Abstract : Lying on the intersection of the Yangtze River, Beijing-Jiujiang-Kowloon Railway and Poyang Lake, Jiujiang serves as an important intersection along the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

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Lying on the intersection of the Yangtze River, Beijing-Jiujiang-Kowloon Railway and Poyang Lake, Jiujiang serves as an important intersection along the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

-- Seizing opportunities of Yangtze River Economic Belt 

In recent years, Jiujiang has been actively engaged in the Yangtze River Economic Belt construction, accelerating its development progress by drawing on the city's high-quality development. It also strives to develop a new path for green development with a high priority to ecology.

By seizing the major opportunities in the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Ganjiang New District, Jiujiang has actively worked to build a regional shipping center, advance the Nanchang-Jiujiang integration and create a demonstration zone for green development along the Yangtze River Economic Belt in recent years.

About 152 kilometers of the Yangtze River flows by Jiujiang, making it the only city in Jiangxi which sits along the Yangtze River. 

Meanwhile, the city strives to integrate and upgrade small-size and scattered ports. It has dismantled 76 illegal terminals and 85 berths, and restored 10km-long bank line in the latest two years.

In addition, Jiujiang always attaches importance to the improvement of customs clearance, comprehensively enhances the efficiency of the processes and promote the opening up of the port.

Jiujiang has been approved as a national comprehensive bonded zone and designated port of imported grain, timber and meat products, and it also started to apply for establishing ports dedicated for fruits, fresh aquatic products, cosmetics and other imported commodities. A regional shipping center is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, and the "one center and nine platforms" will take shape.

Jiujiang is rich in water resources, with forest coverage rate reaching 65 percent and water area accounting for nearly one fifth of its total area.

-- Great importance to environment protection 

Adhering to the philosophy that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and putting ecological protection high on its agenda, Jiujiang has been speeding up the ecological progress, actively integrating itself into the Yangtze River Economic Belt and building the demonstration zone for green development in the past few years.

Jiujiang adheres to the main targets of maintaining clear waters, building scenic river banks and establishing strong industrial capacity in a bid to distinguish itself among the cities along the Yangtze River.

To maintain clear waters, the city advances eco-environmental protection projects. This year, it concluded a cooperation agreement with China Three Gorges Corporation. The two parties will invest 10 billion yuan to control water pollution and improve water quality and ecosystem.

To building scenic river banks, Jiujiang endeavors to build an ecological corridor along the Yangtze River and promote vegetation recovery on mines. At present, a total of 183 mines have been closed and 3,400 mu (about 2,266,667 square meters) of mines revegetated. Meanwhile, the city banned new chemical and coal chemical plants within 1 kilometer from the Yangtze River bank.

-- Focusing on industrial upgrading 

To establish strong industrial capacity, Jiujiang is accelerating the establishment of an industrial system that takes strategic emerging industriesas growth drivers, traditional special industries the backbone, modern service industry the link and modern agriculture the basis.

As one of old industrial bases in Jiangxi province, Jiujiang is shouldering the formidable task, namely, to foster new momentum and expand new development space while promoting industrial transformation and upgrade.

In 2016, Jiujiang launched the Ten-Year Plan for New Industry. Centered on this scheme, Jiujiang has been devoted to strengthening its competitive industries, fostering and expanding emerging industries, and expediting the transformation of traditional industries, therefore upgrading its industrial structure.

Jiujiang promoted the transformation and upgrading of its traditional competitive industries. The city has facilitated technological upgrading, capacity expansion, and cooperation among enterprises, and enhanced supporting facilities along industrial chains. By doing this, its petrochemical, steel & non-ferrous metal, modern textile, equipment manufacturing and power & energy industries are developing in a smarter and greener manner towards high-end positioning.

To foster strategic emerging industries, Jiujiang has implemented in depth the plan for scaling up strategic emerging industries. Specifically, this city is striving to foster and expand new material, new energy, electronics and electrical appliances, bio-medicine and green food production, in a bid to lift the proportion of the five sectors by 2 to 3 percentage points.

In addition, Jiujiang has issued 30 new policies for attracting talents to start business, work and settle down. Jiujiang has recruited 26 academicians and established 28 academician workstations; adopted 30 innovation and entrepreneurship policies and facilitated the construction of incubation platforms, and founded the "1+7" industry guidance fund worth 5 billion yuan.

Next, Jiujiang will focus on integrating itself into the Yangtze River Economic Belt, reinforcing its strategic position as the northern gate of Jiangxi province and forging a strategic frontline in regional development. The city will pursue fast development while giving top priority to eco-environmental protection and the people's well-being. By advocating innovation, widening opening-up and exerting solid efforts, Jiujiang will make a major contributor to building a magnificent Jiangxi.

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