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  • NW.China Xinjiang steps up efforts to facilitate capital market dev.

    The local authority in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently unveiled 19 measures to promote the construction of a multi-level capital market in the region and facilitate local enterprises to go public, reported Xinhua-run Monday.


  • Chinese capital market propels upgrading of "Made in China"

    Chinese capital market, with continuous reforms,has become a powerful engine of the country's resource allocation and integration, propeling China's economic transformation and upgrading.


  • Overseas investors increase buying in China's capital market despite epidemic

    Foreign buying in China's A-share market has remained robust despite short-term impacts brought by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, market data showed.


  • China's new securities law further liberalizes capital market

    China's new securities law, to be effective on March 1, marks another important step in China's efforts to further liberalize its capital markets whose appeal for Chinese companies and foreign investors is increasing overtime, experts have said.


  • Interest rate cuts, reform to spur China's capital market: institution

    China's A-share market is expected to be further vitalized with lower interest rates and stepped-up reform in the capital market, according to the latest report by CSC Financial, a Chinese investment bank.


  • SET to offer capital market payment system service from November 11, aiming to enhance Thailand's national competitiveness

    To streamline the payment process between capital markets and commercial banks, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) upgraded the capital market payment system.


  • CSRC accepts third application to establish brokerage joint-venture with foreign controlling shareholder

    China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced Wednesday on its website that is has accepted the application from Daiwa Securities to establish a brokerage joint-venture as controlling shareholder in China.


  • China's securities regulator charts roadmap for capital market reform

    China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has listed 12 priorities of deepening reform of the country's capital market, the country's securities regulator said Tuesday.


  • SEC expands service scope of capital market information for investors

    ​The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released more convenient stock and bond financing information services with a traceability period of 10 years, in an attempt to further protect the interests of investors and offer reference for their decision-making.


  • Rules tightened for IPO sponsors on new board

    Sponsors and underwriters of initial public offerings on China's new science and technology board in Shanghai will need to invest their own money and hold the stocks for at least two years, according to guidelines unveiled by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Tuesday.


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