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  • National security legislation creates safe business environment in Hong Kong: official

    A senior official on Wednesday highlighted the significance of the national security law in creating a safe business environment in Hong Kong, saying businesses from all over the world remain confident in the financial hub.


  • Economic Watch: China attracts more foreign investors with promising prospects, improved business environment

    Foreign investors keep gravitating toward China as the country maintains a restorative growth momentum and continues to improve its business environment.


  • China takes further steps to streamline administration, improve business environment

    China on Thursday released a guideline on advancing reforms to streamline administration and delegate power amid efforts to improve the business environment and push high-quality development.


  • China welcomes U.S. companies' participation in modernization process: premier

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday that China welcomes the active participation of companies from the United States and around the world in its reform and opening-up, as well as its modernization process.


  • Shanghai pledges to create better business environment for foreign investors

    Shanghai has recently unveiled the fourth version of its plan to create better business environment, with 207 tasks outlined, according to Gong Zheng, the city's major, at a press conference on Wednesday.


  • Political advisors discuss measures to further improve China's business environment

    Chinese political advisors on Thursday discussed measures to further improve China's business environment during a consultation session in Beijing.


  • Third-party assessment shows China's business environment improving

    A third-party assessment shows that China has made remarkable progress in improving its business environment, and the process is speeding up, according to an official with the Development Research Center of the State Council.


  • ​China to continue building of law-based business environment

    China will continue to foster a law-based business environment, reported Monday quoting a plan to build the rule of law in China (2020-2025) issued recently by Chinese central government.


  • China to improve business environment in next five years

    China will continue to improve the business environment in the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025) while boosting quality management of products, projects, and services, said Zhang Gong, head of the State Administration for Market Regulation.


  • Economic Watch: Foreign companies eye rising opportunities in China via import expo

    Statistics indicate that Shanghai has attracted more than 92 billion U.S. dollars of actual foreign investment during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), and the actual foreign investment is expected to exceed 20 billion dollars for the first time in 2020.


  • China to remove barriers hindering implementation of regulation on improving business environment

    Premier Li Keqiang urged greater efforts to remove barriers and provide stronger legal underpinning for the business environment.


  • China moves to improve business environment by streamlining procedures

    The State Council, China's cabinet, has made arrangements to optimize the country's business environment by streamlining administrative procedures and strengthening regulation.


  • ​Xinhua Silk Road releases biz environment assessment report for C. China's Hubei Province

    Xinhua Silk Road has recently released the 2020-version report on business environment assessment of central China's Hubei Province among many other business environment assessment reports which are now available in Xinhua Silk Road Database.


  • China attracts more foreign investment with improved business environment

    Despite the pandemic, China is still attractive to foreign investment with its improved business environment, reported Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily on Friday.


  • Interview: China's 13th Five-Year Plan offers better business environment: S.Korean businessman

    During China's 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), foreign companies were offered a better business environment and a business opportunity thanks to the opening-up policy, a South Korean businessman said.


  • Chinese vice premier stresses improving business environment

    Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng on Wednesday called for efforts to improve the business environment during a meeting on transforming government functions and deepening reforms to streamline administration, delegate power and improve regulation and services.


  • S. China's Hainan introduces measures to improve business environment

    South China's Hainan Province recently introduced 31 measures in 11 key areas such as starting a business, obtaining credit loans, facilitating cross-border trade and talent flow, in an effort to improve its business environment and fuel the construction of Hainan free trade port, according to an action plan released on the website of Hainan government on Thursday.


  • SW China's Chongqing introduces measures to improve business environment

    Southwest China's Chongqing municipality has recently introduced a total of 100 measures in 11 key areas such as starting a business, handling construction permits, obtaining electricity, cross-border trade, in an effort to improve its business environment, according to the local newspaper.


  • Chinese firms willing to invest more in EU if business environment improves: survey

    Chinese companies in the European Union (EU) have a less favorable view than last year on the ease of doing business in the bloc, but they are willing to increase investment when the situation gets better, a survey published on Thursday shows.


  • Economic Watch: China nurtures fertile ground for foreign investors

    Despite a coronavirus-triggered recession looming large for the world, China remains a gold mine for global investors amid the country's unswerving efforts to create a better business environment with easier market access, more benefits, and improved services.


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