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Agricultural Development Bank of China
China-Laos railway Sorting by the latest release time

  • China-Laos Railway kicks off dynamic testing

    The first dynamic testing train departed from the Vientiane Station of China-Laos Railway on Wednesday morning and headed north to the Laos-China border town of Boten to kick off the dynamic testing along the China-Laos Railway.


  • Feature: China-Laos railway carrys dreams, brings hearts closer

    The sunshine in October is still burning in a railing base in the northern outskirts of Lao capital Vientiane, but what Sida Phengphongsawanh, a trainee for China-Laos railway train driver, cares, is the jingle of the train maintenance which sounds like music.


  • China Focus: China builds green rail linking Laos

    Enveloped in a virgin forest of southwest China, a 5,800-meter-long tunnel has been drilled as part of the China-Laos railway while minimizing the impact on the environment.


  • Feature: Shared New Year wish brings China-Laos railway builders closer

    In the Spring Festival, the railway builders and people in Laos have expressed their eager wishes and anticipations on the China-Laos railway.


  • 10.7 km tunnel drilled on China-Laos railway

    A 10.7 km tunnel on the Kunming-Vientiane Railway linking China with Laos was drilled on Tuesday, marking new progress in the construction of the railway slated to open by the end of this year.


  • China-Laos railway to boost connectivity, promote businesses: Lao official

    The China-Laos railway and the Vientiane-Boten expressway will provide huge momentum in strengthening Laos' connectivity with the rest of the region, local daily Vientiane Times on Tuesday quoted Acting President of the Lao National Economic Research Institute Sathabandith Insyxiengmay as saying.


  • China-Laos railway tracks laid to Luang Prabang, achieving yearly goals

    The China-Laos railway tracks have successfully extended from Lao capital Vientiane to northern Laos' transport hub Luang Prabang on Tuesday, thus accomplishing all the construction targets set at the beginning of 2020.


  • China-Laos railway seals roof of border gate station

    With the cast of the last can of concrete, the main structure of Boten Station, Laos' border gate station along the China-Laos railway, constructed by the China Railway Construction Engineering Group (CRCEG) was successfully concluded.


  • China-Laos railway sets up 1st signal controller

    The first signal controller of the China-Laos Railway was successfully set up in the northern suburbs of Lao capital Vientiane on Wednesday, which marked a key step in the signal system construction and installation along the China-Laos railway.


  • Chinese companies to tailor bullet trains for China-Laos railway

    CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC, 601766.SH), announced that it had inked a contract on Saturday to make bullet trains with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour for the China-Laos railway, reported China News Service Sunday.


  • China-Laos railway drills through last major tunnel

    A Chinese railway engineering company on Tuesday drilled through the Ban Phoukeu Tunnel, the last major long tunnel of nearly 9,000 meters along the China-Laos Railway.


  • 14.5-km tunnel on China-Laos railway drilled through

    A 14.5-km tunnel on the Kunming-Vientiane Railway to link China with Laos has been bored through, the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway) said.


  • Lao PM speaks highly of China-Laos railway construction achievements

    Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith spoke highly of China-Laos railway construction achievements when inspecting the construction of the railway's Vientiane station on Thursday.


  • China-Laos railway's future Lao staff start learning Chinese

    The future China-Laos railway operation staff have started receiving Chinese language training at the Confucius Institute of the National University of Laos in the Lao capital Vientiane.


  • China-Laos railway's 2nd longest tunnel drilled

    China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Group (CRECGZ) drilled through the Ban Nakok Tunnel, the second longest tunnel along the China-Laos railway, on Sunday.


  • China-Laos railway starts recruiting local employees

    The China-Laos railway project has started interviewing local job applicants for future operation since Thursday.


  • 8,100 tonnes steel rails of China-Laos railway exported from Tianjin Port

    A ship loaded with 8,100 tonnes of 25-meter steel rails sailed from Tianjin Port recently. This batch of steel rails will be laid on the China-Laos railway connecting Kunming and Vientiane, the capital of Laos, reported Sunday.


  • China-Laos railway communication signal project commenced

    With concrete cast for the construction of a 40-meter four-pipe communication tower of the future Vientiane railway station in the outskirts of the Lao capital on Tuesday morning, the China-Laos Railway communication signal project has been officially commenced.


  • China-Laos railway power supply project construction commenced

    The power supply project for the China-Laos railway has been fully carried out on Wednesday, which lays foundation for its scheduled operation in 2021.


  • China-Laos railway starts recruiting local staff for operation

    The Laos-China Railway Co. Ltd. (LCRC), the joint venture in charge of the railway's construction and operation, has launched the local Lao staff recruiting for the railway's future operation.


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