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  • China expected to see growing FDI in 2019

    China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) is estimated to have increased by 6 percent to 8 percent in 2018, which is significantly higher than the level of the past two years.


  • Macao media, civil society hail Greater Bay Area outline development plan

    The newly-released outline development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has immediately become a hot topic in Macao's media and society.


  • Chinese vice premier stresses importance of taxation

    Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng on Monday stressed the work of the country's taxation authority and called for effective implementation of policies to cut taxes and fees.


  • How Can China’s Economy Maintain Steady Growth at a Challenging Time?

    China needs to keep expanding its interconnectivity with global markets, promote the Belt and Road Initiative and enhance international and regional economic cooperation as well.


  • Shenzhen's tax reductions for private businesses tops 170 bln yuan in 2018

    Tax reductions for private businesses in Shenzhen city, a technological powerhouse, rose 10.2 percent year on year to reach 170.57 billion yuan (over 25 billion U.S. dollars) last year, said local taxation authorities.


  • China starts online survey to take in post-festival employment situations

    Members of the public are invited to fill in an employment questionnaire and assist the government departments with the efforts to provide good service to job seekers.


  • China accelerates FTZ upgrading and expansion for further opening-up

    Local authorities in China are speeding up efforts to formulate plans for free trade zone (FTZ) upgrading and expansion for further reform and opening-up, according to Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily.


  • Conflicts between Italy and the EU over ports, Brussels wants a tax on income to be paid

    According to the European Commission, the port system authorities have to pay income taxes for the economic activity carried out. By early March, the government will have to communicate whether it intends to accept the sentence or not.


  • Top European parliament candidate wants tax on digital giants

    Manfred Weber, the top candidate of the European People's Party in the European parliament elections in May, believes that taxation of such digital giants as Facebook and Google must still be sought despite the failure of a first attempt to do so.


  • Xiongan stocks rally on new support from government

    Public companies related to the development of Xiongan New Area saw their share prices go up substantially on Friday as central authorities announced measures to deepen reforms and expand opening-up in the new area.


  • China grants farm markets tax preferences

    China's wholesale and retail farm markets are now exempt from the paying property tax and land use tax as the country wants to boost its agricultural product distribution.


  • China to establish modern fiscal, taxation, financial system in Xiongan

    China will accelerate the establishment of the modern fiscal, taxation and financial system in Xiongan New Area to boost its development, according to a guideline on deepening reforms and expanding opening-up in Xiongan, which was issued on Thursday.


  • Italian enterprises to visit Guangdong, the most robotic province of China

    A group of companies operating in biotech, artificial intelligence, components and semiconductor is meeting a tens of Chinese operators to consider whether to collaborate. The mission is organized by the Innovation Centre of Intesa Sanpaolo...


  • Spotlight: China retail players shape industry landscape via innovation

    Chinese e-commerce giants, technology device producers and financial solution providers are shaping the retail industry in China and the world at large, industry leaders and insiders said at a major retail convention and expo.


  • Chinese authorities optimize tax business environment since 2018

    China’s taxation authorities have continuously optimized the tax business environment in the country since 2018, in a bid to attract more foreign investment and help Chinese enterprises to go global.


  • China should avoid boosting economic development through large-scale stimulus

    China must avoid going back to the old way of boosting growth through large-scale stimulus and avoid the tendency of relaxing or slowing down reform and opening-up because of the increased risks and challenges.


  • China must prepare to tackle more trade disputes

    The trend of Sino-US trade relations shifting from cooperation and open trade to competition for core technology will not change. So China should be fully prepared to tackle them appropriately.


  • China launches app to ease filing for tax deductions

    China has unveiled a mobile app to make it easier for taxpayers to apply for special individual income tax deductions, the country's tax authority has said.


  • Reasons to stay upbeat about the Chinese economy

    China's economy has defied doom-mongers again in 2018, and economists believe there are good reasons to remain confident about its outlook.


  • Yearender-Economic Watch: China's economy navigates a "crucial year"

    Braving domestic and external headwinds, China's economy is sailing toward a successful finish to a crucial year for its development.


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