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  • Law revision signals better trust business supervision in China

    China is expected to transform and upgrade trust business sector with more specific business classification, strict measures, and stricter legal regulations in 2019, according to the reporter from the China Securities Journal.


  • China frequently rolls out policies in past two months to support private firms

    The Chinese authorities, both centrally and at a provincial level, have frequently rolled out a series of favorable policies in the past two months of 2019 to support development of the private enterprises.


  • Brokers embrace new opportunities in Greater Bay Area

    Under the newly-issued development plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, brokers are expected to usher in new opportunities, said major brokerages in the region.


  • China's major commercial banks' net profits stand at RMB 957.3 bln in 2018

    China's major commercial banks posted outstanding performance in 2018, with their net profits standing at 957.3 billion yuan, meaning that they made an average daily net profit of 2.623 billion yuan, data from the China Banking and Insurance...


  • Fee cuts to help banks, brokerages better serve real economy

    China's banking and securities self-regulatory organizations are preparing fee cut plans to boost members' roles in serving the real economy.


  • CBIRC unveils guideline to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing

    China's banking and insurance regulator Thursday issued regulations requiring banking financial institutions to fight money laundering and terrorism financing.


  • China's CRRC sets up financial leasing arm for overseas services

    China's CRRC, the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment, has recently opened its financial leasing subsidiary in a bid to expand its business overseas.


  • Banking industry in Beijing generates profits of RMB271.9 bln in 2018

    The banking industry in Beijing, capital of China, realized a profit of 271.976 billion yuan in 2018, according to Jiang Ping, an official of the banking and insurance regulator in Beijing at a press conference on Thursday.


  • China banking industry to better serve real economy on faster capital supplement

    Commercial banks in China are likely to speed up capital supplement via multiple channels under the positive government policy support, and thus promote China's banking industry to better serve the real economy.


  • With growing assets, China's insurers offer stronger support to economy

    The aggregate assets of China's insurance industry has risen by 9.5 percent to 18.3 trillion yuan (2.73 trillion U.S. dollars) during the past year, offering a forceful support to the country's real economy and social development.


  • China's insurers collect more premium income in 2018

    China's insurance industry saw a stable increase in premium income in 2018 amid tightened regulations aimed at defusing financial risks, official data showed.


  • Risks of banking and insurance in Shanghai generally controllable, officials say

    The current risks of the banking and insurance industry in Shanghai are generally controllable, but the economic and financial situation is still complicated, said officials of the CBIRC Shanghai Office at a recent conference.


  • E. China's Shanghai attracts 238 foreign banks

    A total of 228 foreign-funded banks and operation organs from 30 countries and regions in six continents settled down in east China's Shanghai, according to a recent press conference of the banking industry held in Beijing.


  • S. China's Guangdong to build whole financial industry chain in Greater Bay Area

    South China's Guangdong Province plans to deepen the reform and opening up of the banking and insurance sector to establish a whole financial industry chain in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


  • Assets of China's financial leasing industry total RMB 2.45 tln by 2017

    Assets of China's financial leasing industry totaled 2.45 trillion yuan by the end of 2017, 30.8 times the amount in the end of 2008, showing an average annual compound growth rate of 46.35 percent, according to an industry development report.


  • Interview: China is major player in global aircraft leasing market, says expert

    China has now become a major player in the global aircraft leasing market despite its short history of involvement in the marketplace, said an industry expert on Tuesday.


  • Economy and Data Brief

    Economy and Data Brief


  • Spotlight: Alibaba's AI-powered Hema stores to drive digitization of retail industry

    Alibaba's offline Hema supermarket was on display in New York City during the 2019 Retail's Big Show on Jan. 13-15, featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and the e-commerce giant's concept on the future of retail.


  • 5G accelerates integration of finance with manufacturing in China

    The upcoming 5G technologies for commercial use, featuring low latency, massive bandwidth and wide coverage, will accelerate the integration of finance and manufacturing industry in 2019, said Zhou Yanli, former chairman of CIRC.


  • Loans of Chinese banks up 12.6 percent in 2018

    China's banking institutions saw an increase in total assets in 2018, with a rapid increase in loans, the country's top banking regulator said.


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