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  • IMF SRP to enter China's capital market on approved RQFII qualification

    The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has recently approved the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to access the country's capital market via the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) program.


  • Chinese companies bidding for 2nd longest bridge in S. America

    Two Chinese companies are bidding for the second longest bridge in South America, a project in Brazil recently announced in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the bidding result is expected to be unveiled in June.


  • China Focus: China adopts foreign investment law

    China's national legislature on Friday passed the foreign investment law, a landmark legislation that will provide stronger protection and a better business environment for overseas investors.


  • Global capital flows changing direction as foreign investors luff the helm to buy yuan

    Since the end of 2018, a large number of overseas institutional investors have kept a bullish sentiment for Chinese yuan exchange rate, rather than continuing to sell Chinese yuan in offshore market.


  • China expects soaring foreign capital inflow through increased inclusion factors by MSCI

    Foreign capital inflow into the Chinese stock market will continue to accelerate thanks to global index provider MSCI's decision to increase the inclusion factor of China’s A-share from 5 percent to 20 percent, according to analysts.


  • Interview: China's investments generate local jobs in Philippines: senior official

    As more and more Chinese investments are pouring into the country, the Philippine government is confident that the investments will generate more jobs for local Filipinos, a senior Philippine official has said.


  • China's online games gain 9.59 bln USD revenue overseas in 2018, up 15.8 pct. on y-r

    China's online games have gained 9.59 billion dollars of revenue from overseas market in 2018, up 15.8 percent year on year.


  • Ping An Insurance releases generous cash dividend, A shares repo plans Tue.

    Chinese insurer Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (601318.SH; 02318.HK) announced generous cash dividend distribution and A-share repurchase plans to reward investors late Tuesday, according to Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News.


  • Chinese study the Fiumicino Business City potentiality

    At the end of February thirteen companies, including Cosco and Eastern Airlines, visited the international airport of Rome to sound out the new business center opportunities. The mission was promoted by Invest Shanghai, the local representation of the...


  • Chinese investment good for Cambodia: gov't spokesman, scholars

    A Cambodian government spokesman and scholars said on Tuesday that Chinese investment is good for Cambodia since it has importantly contributed to economic growth and job creations for Cambodians.


  • China solicits opinions on new rules for management of QFII, RQFII

    China has drafted new rules for combining two investment programs for foreign institutional investors, which closed opinion soliciting on March 2 with information disclosure and wider investment scope widely focused on, reported Xinhua-run China Securitie


  • Spotlight: China online broker Futu Holdings wins big in trading debut on Nasdaq

    Futu Holdings, a Hong Kong-based online brokerage, saw its stock price soar nearly 28 percent on the first trading day in the U.S. stock markets.


  • China advances all-round opening-up at "two sessions"

    China expects to see wider opening-up as it pledges to do more to attract foreign investment and promote global cooperation at the ongoing annual "two sessions."


  • China's resolve to all-round reform and opening up provides reassurance to global economy

    China has vowed to expand opening-up by diversifying exports markets and expanding imports, boosting foreign investment inflow and advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, which will provide reassurance to global economy.


  • Commentary: China's strategic resolve of green development unshakable

    Despite increasing downward pressure on its economy, China is assuring the world of its firm resolution in the pursuit of green development with concrete and self-motivated efforts.


  • Australia sees largest China-initiated hospital M&As: report

    A private report said Australia saw the largest hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&A) initiated by Chinese investors in overseas markets during the past five years.


  • Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial zone enters “fast lane”

    The Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone has already entered the “fast development lane”, said Xu Genluo, President of Rayong Industrial Zone.


  • China's A-share market sees overseas net capital inflow for 9 weeks

    China's A-share market has seen continous net capital inflow from overseas investors in the past nine weeks, the Securities Times reported Sunday.


  • Economist predicts rising status for yuan as global reserve currency

    Morgan Stanley economist Robin Xing has said the Chinese yuan will receive more recognition as a global reserve currency thanks to the continued opening in the country's capital market.


  • China stock market to see big capital inflow in 2019 upon MSCI weight decision, UBS says

    Capital inflow into Chinese on-shore stock market would accelerate in 2019 thanks to global index supplier MSCI's decision to hike the inclusion factor of China's A-Shares from 5 percent to 20 percent in three steps within 2019.


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