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  • How Can China’s Economy Maintain Steady Growth at a Challenging Time?

    China needs to keep expanding its interconnectivity with global markets, promote the Belt and Road Initiative and enhance international and regional economic cooperation as well.


  • New momentum for Chinese stock markets in the Year of the Pig. Gam's forecast for 2019

    Shanghai could be getting ready for a 2007 performance replay. This year's expected profit margin growth for Chinese shares may be in the single digit. Analysts trust consumption and technology recovery after 12 months of weakness.


  • Chinese economy: The good, the bad, and the uncertainties

    The negative effect of China-US friction has not been fully realized, which only started to emerge in the last December of 2018. In the case of severe escalation, both countries and the other parts of the global economy could be drastically damaged.


  • Asia fast turning into a sports hot spot

    Cultures of China, Japan and the ROK have a lot in common, the three neighbors could deepen cooperation in the field by exchanging sports delegations and sharing more information on the major sports.


  • China should avoid boosting economic development through large-scale stimulus

    China must avoid going back to the old way of boosting growth through large-scale stimulus and avoid the tendency of relaxing or slowing down reform and opening-up because of the increased risks and challenges.


  • Right solutions can bring out China’s growth potential

    The Chinese market still has huge potential. If the right solutions are applied, this potential will be realized.


  • Trade row's impact on growth declines

    In light of the (temporary) ceasefire of the US-China trade conflict, UBS expected a less sharp slowdown in China's export and GDP growth in the first quarter of 2019. China's domestic policy mix may pivot somewhat as well.


  • China’s development model belongs to the world

    in China's 40 years of reform and opening-up, the "China model" successfully mixed development features from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa and became the most influential model with great vitality.


  • China’s engagement in rule-making key to WTO reform

    To maintain the existing WTO multilateral trade framework, China should take the initiative and get more involved in the design of new rules instead of letting US unilateralism and protectionism hijack the multilateral trade agenda.


  • Reform helps China build high-standard market economy

    Amid a complicated external and internal situation, We need to take substantial steps in building a high-standard market economy by pushing forward reform in such areas as SOEs, land, finance, fiscal policies, taxes and the social security system.


  • Rising foreign investment in China, despite trade tensions

    There has been no decline but rather a rise in foreign investment in China since the China-US trade dispute broke out earlier this year, according to a report by China Business News.


  • China’s fiscal policy needs to boldly break free of 3 pct deficit rule

    Given the unprecedented complexity of the situation, coupled with downward pressure on the economy, China's fiscal policy could "step forward boldly" to break the 3 percent deficit ratio limit.


  • China-EU cooperation can safeguard WTO rules

    Amid what looks like a prolonged China-US trade friction, the combined efforts of China and Europe could facilitate a positive modernization of the WTO and would encourage other like-minded countries to follow the same path.


  • What the new CFIUS regulation in the US means for China

    US President Donald Trump signed into law the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, sending an important signal to China which will be the potential victims of the new rules.


  • Foreign firms still betting on China

    With the proactive opening-up of its market and constant improvement of its business climate, China will remains attractive for FDI, foreign firms are still betting on China.


  • China's consumer price index keeps ticking up, but not worries about rising inflation risk

    China's consumer price index has increased at a faster pace for four consecutive months by September, but experts believe inflation will remain in a benign range.


  • Economy to maintain momentum despite headwinds, official says

    China's economy is set to continue its steady run in the rest of the year, despite headwinds, Ning Jizhe, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, said.


  • Chinese manufacturing integrates into global industrial chain to power start-ups

    As economic globalization progresses, more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises integrate themselves into the global industrial chain, trading with enterprises from all over the world, and making industrial investment.


  • Goal for GDP growth to be met this year

    China will keep its economic growth within a reasonable range in the year's second half,and will ensure that its full-year growth target is achieved despite the ongoing China-US trade disputes and the country's debt-reduction initiatives


  • Shanghai's financial sector makes progress in further opening-up

    Much progress has been made in Shanghai during the first half of this year by responding to the central government's call for further opening-up.


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