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International Green Energy Development Conference

The International Green Energy Development Conference, themed “Green Energy Development in China and Yangzhong’s Practices“, will showcase the latest technologies and products of new energy and present achievements of China’s high-proportion new energy de

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2017-09-15 09:54:39

Xinhua Silk Road will broadcast the conference live from the scene on Saturday morning.

2017-09-16 08:55:47

Welcome to our live coverage of the International Green Energy Development Conference. The conference will begin shortly.

2017-09-16 09:12:44

The International Green Energy Development Conference has opened!

2017-09-16 09:15:29

Speech of Shi Zhengrong, Director of the Organizing Committee of the International Green Energy Development Conference

2017-09-16 09:17:39

[Shi Zhengrong] Distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

It is my pleasure to open today’s conference! 

Over the past more than 200 years, the progress of science and technology has gradually allowed humankind to dispense with hard manual work. The invention of the transistor brought humankind into the computer era, while the emergence of the Internet age has connected more and more people around the world. In recent years, we have seen the development and application of cloud computing and big data and we know that the development of Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change the work and lifestyle of mankind.

2017-09-16 09:18:27

[Shi Zhengrong] However, we face many challenges.  The rapid development of science and technology has come at a high cost. We face expanding resource depletion and environmental pollution, climate change, intensified geopolitics, increasing economic inequality, and more. Achieving a green and sustainable future therefore calls for the unrelenting efforts of all of mankind.

2017-09-16 09:18:49

[Shi Zhengrong] The signing of the Paris Agreement marked a consensus among humankind on developing the green economy, tackling climate change and building a sustainable future. The Chinese government is actively promoting global green development and highlighting the responsibilities major powers have in this effort including raising emission reduction targets, improving environment management, fighting against pollution and vigorously developing new energy. These actions goals reflect China’s slogan for green development, that "green hills and clear waters outweigh gold and silver mountains".

2017-09-16 09:19:29

[Shi Zhengrong] The CPC Yangzhong City Committee and the Yangzhong City People's Government have assessed the situation and have set the goal of "pooling global green technologies to build Yangzhong into a low carbon city island". As one of China's four model cities with a high proportion of new energy named by the National Energy Administration in 2016, Yangzhong has formed the pillar industries of photovoltaic and electrical appliances integrating research, industries and application.  The success of the conference marks Yangzhong's entry into a new age of green development.  The integrated development of talent, research, industries and application will comprehensively advance Yangzhong's innovative industries, and accelerate the green sustainable development of Yangzhong.

2017-09-16 09:21:11

Speech of Kuang Lecheng, Vice President of China Economic Information Service (CEIS)

2017-09-16 09:22:05

[Kuang Lecheng] Distinguished guests and dear friends:

Good morning!

It is such a pleasure to join you all with us in this lovely season in Yangzhong, a beautiful garden city in the center of Yangtze River, for the International Green Energy Development Conference. On behalf of the organizers and China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you.

2017-09-16 09:24:45

[Kuang Lecheng] Today, responding to calls from China’s top leader, we gather in Yangzhong, to share the concept of green development and green life, display our latest technologies and products in the field of new energy as well as introduce the achievements in building demonstration cities with high proportion of new energy application in order to promote green energy industry development and green energy application in China. 

To serve national strategy and economic and social development is the important responsibility and mission of CEIS.During this conference, CEIS will release the Annual Report on Global Green Energy Application and Development (2016-2017), which focuses on the hot issues in the development of global green energy industry, analyzes the new features, trends and opportunities in the development and application of green energy worldwide with frontline information useful to decision-makers, industry participants and investors in green energy for reference.

2017-09-16 09:25:37

[Kuang Lecheng] CEIS provides the conference with a full range of information and think tank services complete with a professional team. The Green Energy Development Forum is now being broadcast live on Xinhua Silk Road website in both English and Chinese to release authoritative information of this conference. 

As the main market entity of economic information business of Xinhua News Agency, CEIS has been paying close attention to green energy development and has formed a professional energy information team. It has joined hands with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), National Energy Administration, large energy companies, domestic and foreign research institutions and universities to build an energy research academy and provide professional energy information and consulting services for domestic and foreign energy companies and institutions.While providing professional and authoritative energy industry information, CEIS also actively participates in construction of China’s clean energy market. Under the guiding of the NDRC and in cooperation with three Chinese oil and natural gas giants - CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, as well as several other groups in upstream and downstream gas industry, CEIS has established a national petroleum and natural gas trading bourse, the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange (SHPGX).

2017-09-16 09:26:51

[Kuang Lecheng] In 2016, the total volume of natural gas trading (bilateral) exceeded 30 billion cubic meters, and the online transaction volume accounted for 8 percent of China’s national natural gas consumption. The trading center also provides a system of energy products with data as the core and a valuation index system as well. It is the "engine" of Chinese energy companies going into the international market and "gateway" for foreign energy companies to participate in Chinese market.

The world has reached the consensus to develop green energy. Promoting application of new energy in countries along the Belt and Road is a key approach in putting the Belt and Road Initiative in place. Currently, China’s enterprises in new energy industry are proactively exploring overseas market, and foreign green energy companies are hoping to seize a place in the fast growing Chinese market, where Xinhua Silk Road can provide relative services.Initiated by Xinhua News Agency President Cai Mingzhao, Xinhua Silk Road is established as a national Belt and Road information and service platform to provide comprehensive one-stop services of all dimensions, full workflow and all channels, in a bid to help Chinese companies “go out” and overseas companies  “come in.” Xinhua Silk Road can provide premium services for domestic energy companies investing in overseas market and foreign energy companies investing in China and provide consulting service for governments and enterprises who are seeking cooperation to build a bridge of communication. 

2017-09-16 09:27:30

[Kuang Lecheng] It is my strong belief that with the concerted efforts of people from all walks of life, green energy will see better and faster application and development in China and the world. CEIS is willing to work with all of you to popularize green energy, guard green forests and mountains and share the green planet.

We stand firm in supporting Yangzhong for the permanent home to the International Green Energy Development Conference and let’s look forward to meeting here again next year.

2017-09-16 09:28:09

Speech of Wang Bohua, Secretary-general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association

2017-09-16 09:31:19

[Wang Bohua] Good morning! It is my pleasure joining you in Yangzhong for discussing the development of green energy. On behalf of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, I would like to extend our cordial thanks to all of you for holding this International Green Energy Development Conference.

The international community has reached a consensus on vigorous development of green energy as it is an important part of the environmental protection initiative and a well-functioning ecosystem. Moreover, China’s energy sector has also realized the significance of green energy development and is now focusing it with greater clarity. In this process, the photovoltaic (PV) industry, adopting the semiconductor technology and catering to the demand in the new energy market has been an exemplary endeavor in its own right. It is ensuring remarkable advantages in cleanness, non-exhaustion and safety, among others.

2017-09-16 09:31:33

[Wang Bohua] The PV industry is developing into a fierce competition amongst various countries. At the end of last year, the newly installed PV capacity exceeded 1GW in 24 countries and surpassed 10MW in 112 countries. The year 2016, therefore, became the first to see PV outperforming all other power sources with its most efficient capacity building.

In the 21st century, the Chinese have made this business a growing enterprise in a competitive environment. The newly installed PV capacity has been growing at a rapid pace. In year 2000, it was just 3MW, which developed to 34.54GW in 2016. Moreover, its cumulative capacity has expanded from 19MW in 2000 to 77GW in 2016, which amounts to a ten thousand times increase.China has remained the world’s largest producer of PV modules for a decade in a row, and PV products made in China accounted for more than two thirds of the world’s total. For four consecutive years, it also has been the leading country in the world in terms of developing new PV capacity. In the list of world’s top 10 PV manufacturers of 2016, five companies for polysilicon, nine for silicon wafers, seven for solar cells and eight for modules were based in Chinese mainland.

2017-09-16 09:35:57

[Wang Bohua] To date, China’s PV industry has sustained a high-speed growth momentum. In the first half of 2017, the polysilicon output rose to 115 thousand tons registering 21 percent yearly growth rate, the module output exceeded 34GW at 25.8 percent per year, and the newly installed capacity amounted to 24.40GW. PV has become one of the few Chinese industries that can participate in international competition and has competitive advantages in mass production. 

Yangzhong is among the group of demonstration cities, which are approved by the National Energy Administration for higher percentage of new energy use. Over recent years, the city has picked up pace in developing a production and consumption model characterized by a higher usage of renewable energy, which is clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient, and has set a target of building a “Green Energy Island”. While vigorously developing the PV industry based on its vast reserve of high-end specialists in PV, Yangzhong has also released a series of supportive policies including the “Guideline for Accelerating the Pilot Exercise of Distributed PV Power Generation”.

2017-09-16 09:36:39

[Wang Bohua] Focusing on “Global Use of Green Energy and Practice in Yangzhong”, this conference is co-held in the beautiful Yangzhong by China Economic Information Service under Xinhua News Agency, the Government of Yangzhong and the China Photovoltaic Industry Association. We believe, the conference will depict a brighter future of green energy application and further promote the rapid and healthy development of the energy sector in China and over the rest of the world.

We believe that the green energy market will expand further as the energy revolution advances. We will certainly witness another round of swift growth in the green energy sector by responding to challenges with innovated technology efficiently regulating its domestic market along with an expansion of the international market.

2017-09-16 09:40:13

Speech of Pan Zaoyun, Party Secretary of Yangzhong City

2017-09-16 09:40:31

[Pan Zaoyun] Distinguished leaders and guests,

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,  

Good morning!

On behalf of the CPC Yangzhong City Committee, the City People's Government of Yangzhong and the 340,000 Yangzhong people, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone!

Hailed as "a pearl in the river and a garden on the water", Yangzhong cherishes a green dream, and displays the beauty of low carbon life through green energy development, production and application.

Green development is gradually becoming the most important pursuit of countries and regions worldwide. As an island city, Yangzhong has paid close attention to green development. As a result, green development has become the undertone of the city and our greatest dream.

2017-09-16 09:41:33

[Pan Zaoyun] Yangzhong's green industry started early and developed rapidly. From the introduction of the photovoltaic industry to Yangzhong by Dr. Shi Zhengrong in 2004 to the recently launched new flexible photovoltaic module project, PV companies in Yangzhong have been dedicated to technology research and development in the last decade. Technology and products of companies such as Daqo Group and Huantai Group take a leading position in the industry. Yangzhong has established the first “Solar Power Photovoltaic Industrial Park” in Jiangsu province. Currently, there are 40 PV companies in Yangzhong, whose output reached 34.5 billion yuan in 2016 with total production of 1.25 billion silicon wafers, 500MW PV modules and 80,000 crucibles. Meanwhile, expanding construction of distributed PV power station have enabled more and more organizations and individuals to enjoy “green power”; combination of fish farming and solar power generation realized coordinated development of agriculture and new energy; national policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative helped Yangzhong’s new energy industry spread to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and also countries like Kazakhstan. As of now, new energy power generation capacity installed and transmitted to grid for Yangzhong’s companies and public organizations reached 134.6 MW, and 6MW for residents. In 2016, we were approved to build a national demonstration city with a high proportion of new energy to open the new chart of constructing “Green Energy Island.”

2017-09-16 09:43:25

[Pan Zoyun] In recent years, we have vigorously treated sewage, prevented floods, drained stagnant water, diverted running water and kept water clean, reduced coal consumption, cut excessive chemical production capacity and controlled air pollution. "Yangzhong Blue" has gradually become the normal.

Green elements represented by green energy application are secretly making their way into the life of Yangzhong people. The popularization of new energy vehicles and buses has made the concept of low carbon travel and green consumption take root in the hearts of the people.

2017-09-16 09:44:49

[Pan Zaoyun] Yangzhong was once a lonely island, but the self-motivated Yangzhong people have built one bridge after another on the island to connect Yangzhong to the world. The International Green Energy Development Conference today is another bridge linking Yangzhong to the world. This is a bridge of cooperation through which we will complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win outcomes in industries, technologies and other fields. I believe that we will create a brighter future through this golden bridge. 

Thank you!

2017-09-16 09:47:46

Speech of Bill Ludwig, Mayor of Livingston, Australia

2017-09-16 09:48:12

[Bill Ludwig] Good morning dignitaries, distinguished guests, delegates, ladies and gentlemen.Can I start by offering a sincere thank you to Mayor Zhang, the City of Yangzhong and the Forum organisers–– for their gracious hospitality, in making us feel truly welcome, and for the invitation to speak at this important Forum.I would also like to acknowledge and give special thanks to both Party Secretary Pan Zaoyun and previous Party Secretary Lu Chaoyin for the instrumental role they played in making this visit possible.  The development of green energy and the innovative technologies that can efficiently and effectively harness energy for industry, commerce, transport and the everyday needs of our communities should be one of the highest is a priorities for all nations.

2017-09-16 09:50:25

[Bill Ludwig] Collectively every home, town, city, province and nation has a responsibility to play their part in helping transition toward ensuring both our local and global environment remains sustainable through the use of renewable and clean green energy sources and the adoptions of ecologically sound best practices. 

Yangzhong is an example one such city and community that is leading by example.  I understand the city is now well advanced toward their goal to become one of the first carbon neutral cities in China.   This commitment and realisation of that goal will be a significant achievement for which Yangzhong City and community must be commended and congratulated.In Australia our home State of Queensland is widely known as the Sunshine State and a recent audit has identified that approximately 32% of Queensland homes and businesses have already installed solar power generation.  With the rapid uptake of solar both domestically and for industrial uses, opportunities in new technology and production of solar and other green energy sources will be a key area for us to explore with Yangzhong.

2017-09-16 09:50:44

[Bill Ludwig] It is widely recognised that by harnessing the diverse range of renewable energy sources and innovative technologies communities will not only reduce emission but ultimately the overall cost of energy production will be reduced as well.

With our abundant sunshine in Australia, the participation of households and business consumers replacing traditional coal-fired energy with solar energy has been rapidly increasing.  In March this year solar installations hit their highest peak in five years with more than 15,000 homes and businesses participating.  This transition to solar has been driven by both the recognition by communities of the need to protect the environment as well as the rising cost of both gas and coal-fired generation.In total 91 megawatts of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems were installed during that month with our home State of Queensland leading the way, installing 25 megawatts of capacity, which is enough to power about 5,500 homes and businesses.  

2017-09-16 09:52:44

[Bill Ludwig] An audit of Queensland early this year has identified that over 32 percent of homes in Queensland have solar panels on their rooftops which collectively makes solar the biggest power generator in our State. A similar audit nationally of the uptake in battery storage to store excess power shows almost 7,000 were installed in Australian homes last year with a prediction to triple this year.

It is likely that as the cost of battery storage becomes more affordable and technology improves more and more households in Queensland will be considering going entirely off the power-grid.

2017-09-16 09:53:11

[Bill Ludwig] Currently Livingstone Shire Council is undertaking a comprehensive carbon audit across Council’s entire operation to accurately benchmark our carbon footprint and identify opportunities for immediate reduction through behavioural change and improvement in our business operations. 

These include investigating innovative solutions to utilise our abundance of natural resources, including a pristine tropical climate with an average 272 days of sunshine a year.  

Initiatives include: 

·Solar powered smart lighting throughout the Yeppoon Town Centre.   

·The use of photovoltaic cells on both public and private buildings across the Shire. 

·The potential for large scale solar farms.  

·The capture of methane from Council’s Landfill and Sewage and Wastewater Treatment facilities.

The results of the carbon audit will inform the development of an organisational Carbon Strategy which will provide direction on how the organisation will achieve reductions to its carbon footprint and the ultimate, long term goal of carbon neutrality, a goal we share with Yangzhong City. 

2017-09-16 09:53:33

[Bill Ludwig] We realise there is a long journey ahead so we view our responsibility as global citizens to preserve our natural environment with the utmost importance.  

Forums such as this provide the opportunity for us all to share learning and to help each other on the journey to realise the vision of a greener and more sustainable future for both our communities today and hopefully our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to contribute at this important Forum as well as your warm hospitality and generosity in hosting our delegation.

I invite you all to visit us on the pristine Capricorn Coast in Sunny Queensland!

2017-09-16 09:54:47

Speech of Hang Hai, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Energy Administration

2017-09-16 09:55:05

[Hang Hai] Green energy development is a universal consensus of the international community, as well as the important direction of China's energy development.

Located in the southeastern coast of China, Jiangsu is developed with huge energy consumption and high external dependence. While improving its energy production and supply capacity, Jiangsu has persistently taken energy restructuring as the main direction of the energy production and consumption revolution, and vigorously developed green energy through the construction of regional energy transformation demonstration projects.

2017-09-16 09:59:09

[Hang Hai] First, strengthening the guidance for planning. The provincial "13th Five-Year" energy development plan expressly encourages new energy demonstration cities (industrial parks) and green energy demonstration counties to meet regional energy consumption needs by means of power generation with wind, PV and roof PV.

Second, strengthening guidance for demonstration programs. In recent years, the nation has approved five green energy demonstration counties and seven new energy demonstration cities (districts) in Jiangsu. Last year, Yangzhong successfully applied for the status of national high-proportion new energy application demonstration city. Jiangsu was ranked top in the country in the number of demonstration points. 

Third, providing more policy support.

2017-09-16 10:04:24

Speech of Liang Zhipeng, Vice Director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration

2017-09-16 10:06:27

 [Liang Zhipeng] Honorable Minister Zhang Guobao, Party Secretary Hui Jianlin, 

Distinguished guests and dear friends, good morning!

It is a great honor to be here, attending the International Green Energy Development Conference. We all know, as the global resource and environment problems are increasing, the whole world is entering a new round of energy revolution age. In this round of energy revolution, low carbon clean energy taking the place of fossil energy has become the basis characteristic. China is the biggest energy supplier in the world. It is facing hard tasks in the round of energy revolution, and it is going all out to promote the energy revolution. 

By the end of July, the installed capacity of renewable energy topped 620GW, accounting for 35 percent of China’s total installed capacity, 8 percentage points higher than five years ago. The installed capacity of hydraulic power, wind power and PV has reached 338 GW, 150 GW and 100 GW respectively, all ranking first in the world.

The installed capacity of renewable energy increased in 50GW, making up about 75 percent of the total installed power capacity added. Renewable energy has become a major part of the increasing power demand.

Large scale development and use and industrial upgrading also give a boost to the technological improvement and cost reduction.. The cost of the wind power and PV power generation decreased by more than 20 percent and 60 percent respectively. In the PV pioneer base project launched last year, the power price of bidding winner was 0.2 yuan/kwh lower than the national benchmark electricity price, and the lowest price was about 0.5yuan/Kwh. It has obviously strengthened the competitiveness of renewable energy. A promising prospect is in sight.

High subsidy age is passing away. Centralized and distributed power generation develop synchronously .

NEA has energetically promoted the development of distributed power generation since 2012. The distributed power installed capacity saw an increase of 700 KW in the first half of this year.  

2017-09-16 10:10:25

[Liang Zhipeng] China has also displayed its determination and power in promoting the development of renewable energy. By the end of July, the installed capacity of renewable energy topped 620GW, accounting for 35 percent of China’s total installed capacity.  5 percentage points higher than five years ago. The rapid development of wind power and solar power made a greatest contribution to this. At present, the installed capacity of hydraulic power, wind power and PV has reached 338 GW, 150 GW and 100 GW respectively, all ranking first in the world.

In the first seven months, the installed capacity of renewable energy increased in 50GW, making up about 75 percent of the total installed power capacity added in the period.

Meanwhile, the use of biomass energy is growing rapidly.Renewable energy has become a major part of the increasing power demand.

Large scale development and use and industrial upgrading also give a boost to the technological improvement and cost reduction.. The cost of the wind power and PV power generation decresed by more than 20 percent and 60 percent respectively. In the PV pioneer base project launched last year, the power price of bidding winner was 0.2 yuan/kwh lower than the national benchmark electricity price, and the lowest price was about 0.5yuan/Kwh. It has obviously strengthened the competitiveness of renewable energy. A promising prospect is in sight.

 NEA has energetically promoted the development of distributed power generation since 2012. The distributed power installed capacity saw an increase of 7GW in the first half of this year, which is 2.9 times more than that of a year ago. NEA has organized a series of pilot projects to promote the technological and system innovation of distributed energy, such as micro power grid project, smart energy project, and energy Internet project. All these will accelerate the transformation of energy production and consumption in China.

A growing number of cities preferring to green energy consumption creates a huge market space for the development of green energy. And the pilot development of green energy cities will open up a channel for the development of green energy, in terms of technology, system and market system innovation. It will also bring about more and more enterprises and residents to participate in the energy revolution, which, will help China realize its energy revolution goal earlier than planned. We will create a better future through the development of green energy.

Thank you all.

2017-09-16 10:11:20

Video from Patricia Espinosa,Executive Secretary of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

2017-09-16 10:18:01

Release of the Annual Development Report on Global Green Energy Application by Zhou Guohong, Director of CEIS Jiangsu Center

2017-09-16 10:22:25

[Zhou Guohong] The report points out several significant characteristics and trends in the application and development of green energy:

First, major countries around the world have accelerated their transformation to green and clean energy. 176 countries have formulated policy goals in green energy development and application.Second, the energy consumption structure is continuously being optimized. It is estimated that electricity generated from green energy sources will account for 28 percent of the world’s total power generation by 2021. The global market for green energy is expected to maintain strong development momentum in the next five years.Third, the costs of photovoltaic and wind power generation have dropped significantly, but the potentials for technological innovation in green energy are far from being fully realized. Fourth, China has become the world’s largest investor in green energy. The key enterprises in the sector are developing steadily with profits on the rise. 

2017-09-16 10:22:45

[Zhou Guohong] According to the statistics of the National Energy Administration, China has the largest installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power in the world in 2016. The country’s investment in the green energy sector reached 87.8 billion US dollars in the year, ranking the first in the world, and the total revenues of key listed new energy enterprises in China steadily increased, with the total profits reaching a five-year high. 

Fifth, as the only high-proportion new energy demonstration city in the eastern coastal China, Yangzhong is rising as the “green energy island” and has paved a "Yangzhong Path” for green energy development.According to the report, China’s green energy policy and industrial system are gradually improving but still face some bottlenecks and problems. The energy system is still dominated by conventional energy. A mechanism that is commensurate with the large-scale development of green energy has not yet been established. The planning and construction of supporting grids for green energy still lag behind. Contradictions exist in the trans-provincial allocation of resources. Basic and applied research is still weak and the cost of development and utilization is still relatively high. 

2017-09-16 10:24:32

Speech of Zhang Guobao, Former Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Former Director of the National Energy Administration 

2017-09-16 10:28:54

[Zhang Guobao] In the past 20 years, the clean energy industry, specifically wind power and photovoltaic power, has developed rapidly in China. Today, the international community has universally recognized China’s contributions to international green energy development.

As of June 2017, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power in China has exceeded 100 million kilowatts, which is higher than the total capacity of the United States, India and Japan. In 2016, the photovoltaic modules produced by China accounted for 3/4 of world’s production -- demonstrating China’s dominance in the photovoltaic power sector. In a short time, China's photovoltaic industry has grown from a weak grass-roots industry into a global industrial front-runner.

The rise of the photovoltaic industry in China could not have been possible without the contributions of Dr. Shi Zhengrong, the founder of Wuxi Suntech, and Mr. Miao Liansheng, the founder of the Yingli Group in Baoding. At the beginning of the 21st century their insights and vision led to the founding of solar cell enterprises and the development of industrial production of photovoltaic cells in China. At that time, many state-owned enterprises also entered the photovoltaic industry, but most of them failed to survive due to fierce market competition.

2017-09-16 10:33:46

[Zhang Guobao] The rise of China's photovoltaic industry has benefited from China’s strong manufacturing base and product supporting system. Photovoltaic inverters, for example, are not only produced by Sungrow but also by Huawei. Today, Huawei has developed into an important manufacturer of inverters by augmenting their competitive edge through communication equipment. Solar cell production offers another example. At first, China had to import the whole solar cell production line, and then key equipment, but now, China can assemble and manufacture the whole production line – a shift that has greatly reduced production costs.

2017-09-16 10:34:36

[Zhang Guobao] Currently, heavy reliance on state subsidies is only a method of developmental expediency in the photovoltaic industry. Flaws in the design of the subsidy policy and subsidy periods that are too long for photovoltaic power generation means that the present policy is unsustainable. Current policies will eventually impede the development scale of photovoltaic power. Those involved in the photovoltaic industry must understand that the future of the industry depends on reducing costs and fostering competitiveness through technological innovation. In addition, competition mechanisms should be introduced to give competitive enterprises earlier access to the qualifications necessary for investment and construction. 

2017-09-16 10:36:41

[Zhang Guobao]  Concentrated PV power generation facilities and distributed PV power generation facilities are not contradicted with each other. The decision should be made due to local geographic conditions.

Today, there is no shortage of electricity nationwide. Instead, the problem centers on access to platforms that can absorb and consume new energy. In the future, the restrictive factors that limit the speed of green energy development will not be technical problems but the market competition between green energy and coal-fired power will be the industry decisive factor. 

2017-09-16 10:43:19

Speech of Yang Lei, Senior Advisor of International Energy Agency 

2017-09-16 10:45:11

 [Yang Lei] Since 2010, efficiency measures have slowed down growth in global energy consumption. Renewables and natural gas account for almost two-thirds of the growth.

Better grids, more flexible power plants and storage & demand side response will be needed to integrate larger shares of wind & solar in a secure and cost-effective way.

PV and wind costs have fallen dramatically in recent years. The falling cost of clean energies opens new opportunities。


2017-09-16 10:48:22

[Yang Lei] Best results occur where price competition, long-term contracts and good resource availability are combined.

Battery costs fell 73% in 7 years, exceeding previous expectationsRenewables remain fastest growing electricity generation source.

Generation from renewables to rise by almost two-fifths over 2015-2021.

Solar PV and onshore wind electricity generation are expected to grow by 2.5 times and by 1.7 times, respectively, over 2015-2020. 

The increase in generation from renewables in 2015-2021 represents 60% of the global increase in electricity output, but prospects vary across regionally.

2017-09-16 10:51:43

 [Yang Lei] IEA analysis shows that global CO2 emissions remained flat in 2016 for the third year in a row, even though the global economy grew, led by emission declines in the US & China.

Supply-side investment needs to be re-directed, not increased; demand-side investment for energy efficiency, electrification & renewables needs to ramp up significantly. 

Global R&D spending on clean energy plateaued at $26 billion/year, with much room for growth from the private sector. As a share of GDP, China's leads spending on energy R&D, after overtaking Japan.

2017-09-16 10:56:31

[Yang Lei] 6.5 million premature deaths every year are caused by pollution  from power plants, factories, cars and trucks globally. Air pollution related health risks are largest in cities around the world.

Residential solar PV capacity is on a continued growth trajectory globally.

Smart devices optimize energy flows on the basis of advanced data analytics, that consider both DER performance and customer preferences.

Energy management systems facilitate monitoring and control by owners and for system operations, optimizing value for home, business and grid.

As digitization affects the routine practices within households, new products and services compete to deliver the best customer experience.

2017-09-16 11:05:55

 [Yang Lei] Conclusions

•Clean energy is leading the increasing

•Clean energy technologies are progressing, more investment are need 

•New paradigm is crucial for energy transition

2017-09-16 11:08:07

Speech of Li Junfeng, Former Director of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation

2017-09-16 11:13:16

[Li Junfeng] In 1972, the first International Conference on Environment and Development summarized all the experiences of unsustainable development since industrialization. Out of this summary came the idea that development should serve the well-being of all people. With this in mind, over the last three decades, we have observed a change in the global development model. 

In the first place, there is a strong emphasis on the protection of the ecological environment to cope with climate change. We have welcomed the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. These revolutionary mentalities, together with China's ecological civilization construction, and more, have all contributed to developing new thoughts and ushering the world through the transformation of development model and into the era of IoE (Internet of Everything).

2017-09-16 11:13:29

[Li Junfeng] Since 1972, the transformation of development model has made the following achievements possible:

• All developed countries, including a large number of developing countries, have curtailed the environmental deterioration process and improved significantly

•  Developed countries have regained clear water and blue skies

•  Most countries have successfully solved the problem of acid rain

•  Global ozone protection has been addressed

•  Carbon emissions in developed countries have declined significantly

•  The concept of enterprise development has been updated and changed

The Paris Agreement and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to the 2030 both promote development transformation.

As a result of the evolution of the concept of development, scientists continue to study new technologies to meet the requirement for sustainability and development, and thus accelerate development transformation.

2017-09-16 11:21:56

[Li Junfeng] 

Green technology is changing the world in the following ways: 

EU's GDP growth has decoupled from energy and greenhouse gas emissions.China’s economic growth in 2013 decoupled from the coal industry, and energy consumption and carbon emissions have reached a turning point.The United States has achieved zero growth in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions since 2007.With Silicon Valley as the most representative phenomena, many firms began to subvert the corporative profit model in the hope of changing the world and promoting green development. They are driven by a single principle: to create value for users and contribute to a better world.
2017-09-16 11:24:18

[Li Junfeng] Over the past 20 years, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has dropped by 90 percent, and energy storage technology is continually developing. These are enough reasons for us to look forward to this new revolution.

How can energy companies adapt to new developments in clean and low carbonization trends?

•  Companies must understand that clean and low-carbon development is the fundamental direction of development, as only a clean and low-carbon life can bring about the people’s desire for a better life.

•  Technological innovation in energy production and consumption must also be adapted to the new situation of sustainable development.

•  To be consistent with the principle of the Internet of Everything, new energy market systems must be built with transparency in price as well as in service.

•  Companies must aim to continuously reduce costs and make sustainability available to everyone.

2017-09-16 11:27:20
[Li Junfeng] The world is in the midst of a new era of transformation and Internet of Everything, driven by thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists, and under the guidance of politicians. This is a great challenge to every country, every region, and every business. Those who can forge ahead at the pace of transformation will become the leader of the age, and those who lag behind will be abandoned by the times. The same can be said of the energy industry!
2017-09-16 11:27:38

Speech of Martin Green, Professor of University of New South Wales

2017-09-16 11:33:52

[Martin Green] Over the next 25 years, 68 percent of new electricity capacity will be renewable.

PV cost reductions have been accelerated:

1. Perfect production & transfer PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell)

2. Increase performance by 50 percent by stacking cells

2017-09-16 11:44:10

[Martin Green] Summary

. PV can make a big impact on global CO2 emissions

. Standard silicon cells will allow very low costs

. Stacked cells on silicon allow even lower costs

2017-09-16 11:46:18

Speech of Wang Gang, General Manager of Yingli Group

2017-09-16 11:49:27

[Wang Gang] China’s photovoltaic industry has kept abreast with the world thanks to the constant technological advances and innovation and the hard work of more than two million professionals. In less than two decades, China has consolidated its leadership in the industry by accounting for more than 70 percent of the global production capacity and market share, with product penetration expanded from a few countries to over one hundred. China, as a major manufacturer and an important market of photovoltaic products, accounts for more than one third of the global market for photovoltaic applications. This progress made China the largest photovoltaic market in the world in 2013 and 2014.  

2017-09-16 11:51:08

[Wang Gang] Chinese companies, like Yingli Group, are leading the way in this industry. In the first quarter of 2015, Yingli Group shipped out up to 14 GW in total in photovoltaic modules. Our products can generate up to nearly 16 billion kwh of electricity on average every year. This is equal to the total amount of power consumed by all Beijing residents in 2014. These modules can reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide by nearly 9 million tons, which is equal to the emission by 1.7 million cars.  

The photovoltaic industry is one of China’s few strategic emerging industries that are internationally competitive. After two decades of development, China has become the world’s principal manufacturer and user of photovoltaic products, with its key technological indicators leading the whole world. As a major enterprise in the PV industry, Yingli has turned to innovation-driven green development, and supplies up to 76 million modules (or 18.5 GW) of its products to customers in over 100 countries and regions around the world. 

2017-09-16 11:56:17

[Wang Gang] Yingli’s PANDA Bifacial module has been installed on a 50MW Top Runner project in Datong, Shanxi province.The PANDA Bifacial module is based on Yingli's PANDA n-type monocrystalline solar cell, which can generate power not only from the front side, but also from the rear side by leveraging reflected light in the environment. Therefore, the power yields of the PANDA Bifacial module can be increased by up to 30 percent compared to the situation when it only generates from the front side. With a maximum system voltage of 1500 Volts (V), PANDA Bifacial module can improve system performance and help to reduce overall costs by up to 3 percent.We have initiated a professional zero-carbon research organization—Zero-Carbon Development Research Institute worldwide, and started preparation of building the Taihang Phoenix Valley·China Zero-Carbon City in Hebei province to develop new energy industries such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power, biomass power, environmental protection industries such as green buildings, sewage treatment and air pollution control, and science and technology industries including zero-carbon research, global energy forum, carbon trading platform.

2017-09-16 11:57:08

[Wang Gang] It was proposed at the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th National Congress of CPC that China prioritize ecological protection and promote green development. On an international level, the Paris Agreement signifies a global consensus and a concerted action of international community for a sustainable future. China is holding high the banner of tackling climate change. The development of renewable energies, such as wind and solar powers, is essential to sustainable growth towards a promising future.

2017-09-16 11:59:13

Speech of Dr. Zhengrong Shi, International Green Energy Development Conference 

2017-09-16 11:59:23

[Shi Zhengrong] eArche: Ultra-light and thin, super flexible, aesthetics c-Si solar panel

-Innovative encapsulation material

-Revolutionary structure and process

-High efficiency, reliability, stable performance and low cost 

-Ultra-light, thin, super flexible and aesthetics 

2017-09-16 12:01:16

[Shi Zhengrong] Conventional panel is composed of frame, seal, glass, EVA, solar cell, back-sheet, with weight of 12.5kg/ m2 and thickness of 3.5~4cm.

It can not satisfy high end requirements of solar panel.

Thin film is not yet the resolution to the market pain points, because of the reasons of not yet commercialization, low efficiency, high cost and performance degradation

2017-09-16 12:14:14

[Shi Zhengrong] Our innovation, ultra thin and flexible c-Si panel produced with proprietary material and proprietary technology.

It is good in optics, insulation, mechanical, durability, performance, accreditation, easy installation, aesthetics, safety and recycling.

Advantages of eArche: it’s ultra-light, flexible, thin, aesthetics, pre-assembled, and tailor-made, with high performance, perforation, easy installation, easy transportation, durability.

Applications as building materials: solar tile, solar tile roof, solar facade, and solar facade building.

Applications as mobile power: solar train, solar limo, solar yacht, solar cart, solar oxygen aeration, portable solar station.

Applications on commercial roof: aesthetic building, minimal requirement for load bearing, easy installation, 50 percent material cost down 50 percent.

2017-09-16 12:16:19

That brings us to the end of the International Green Energy Development Conference. Thanks for following our live blog.

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