China Companies Inquiries System, developed and launched by Xinhua Silk Road Information Service, is aimed at helping the foreign investors make credit investigations of the Chinese companies to get basic information of the companies, shareholder information, equity changes, branch information, etc.


Please enter the company name or related key words to inquire relevant information. Three input methods include ALL, Company Name, and Key Person.

ALL: enter any key word you are interested in, in English or Chinese.

Company Name: enter the company name in English or Chinese.

Key Person: enter names of the legal person, senior executives and directors. Given the same pinyin referring to different Chinese characters, the system supports only the Chinese name.


Xinhua Silk Road Information Service does not guarantee the sequence, accuracy, adequacy, com pleteness or availability of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. There are no express or implied warra nties. In no event shall Xinhua Silk Road Information Service, its agents, directors, officers, employees,representatives, successors, and assigns be liable for any damages of any nature in conn ection with the Xinhua Silk Road content.

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